Monday, March 7, 2016

March 7, 2016 “Update….Transfer…..17 months….Release date…..”

"17 Months!!"

Area: Shingle Creek Minnesota
Companion: Sister Natasha Neville
Hometown: Bakersfield California
Snail Mail: Minnesota Minneapolis Mission
5931 West 96th Street
Bloomington, MN  55438-1715


Dear Family & Friends,
We have heard from Sister Young the last two weeks, but have not received her letters. We want to update you with what is happening in the MMM.
March 7, 2016:  Sister Young just passed her 17 month mark in the mission field.  She was sad to leave her tri-companionship with Sisters Steadman and Dumas in Bloomington, but she is excited to embark into her new ‘last' area Shingle Creek.  Her new companion Sister Natasha Neville is from Bakersfield California.  Due to a change at the MTC effective March 1, 2016, the native speaking missionaries are now staying 3 weeks instead of 2 weeks. As a result, Ashlee's last transfer will be 7 weeks long.
March 14, 2016: April 1 will mark Sister Young's 18 months in the mission field, (no!) but due to the last transfer being extra-long they have asked her to extend an extra 3 weeks. We finally received it officially in writing this week! Sister Young will be coming home April 20 @ 1:15!!  She will be speaking/sharing her testimony in church on Sunday, May 1 at 11:00.  We are so excited for her to be completing her mission soon! Here is her (long awaited for us!) update.
                                                                                Dee & Tami
Here is my email for this week and last week. Sorry it has taken me so long to get it to you...
Hey everyone! Here is the update on life here in Minnesota from the past 2 weeks, lo siento for it being so late.
Wednesday, March 2, 2016: Transfer Day
"Sister Nevville"

Goodbye Bloomington, Hello Shingle Creek! So, Sisters Steadman, Dumas and I went to the church for transfer meeting. I saw a lot of my old comps, which was really fun! It was weird because I saw a bunch of missionaries that I am not going to see until they come home! Turns out, that was kind of sad.  My new companion is named Sister Neville. She is from Bakersfield, California and has been out one transfer less than me. I got to see my "little bro" Elder Johnston, which was really fun. I have really missed that kid!  Before we left transfer meeting, I asked Elder Johnston if he would give me a blessing to kick start my last transfer. I am so grateful for the priesthood and for worthy men who hold that authority from God. Wednesday night, we had dinner with the Larson family. They made classic Minnesotan Chicken & Wild Rice Soup! Afterwards, we went and met an African family.  Some of them just got baptized in February! Their names are John & Martha Kingsley-Ainoo! They are so nice! They have a little 2 month old baby named Tremayne, who is so tiny! Their niece and nephew Jamilla and Jayson are two of our investigators. Jamilla is 9 going on 16 and Jayson is 11. They are a really sweet family.  I am so excited to get to know them better! When we walked in John sat down (before I forget, John was a preacher back in Africa) John told me what a wonderful service I was doing and how the Lord blesses those who serve him. He then said “you are going home this next month?”  I said yes. He said; “the Lord is going to bless you my dear Sister, with a husband and family through Jesus Christ.” Ha,ha….. got to love Africans!  They have so much faith, and love to promise blessings, which is awesome! Afterwards, we went to Nikki & Christie's home for a lesson. They are really great! They call us their "scheduled friends that share a message” lol! The first thing they offered when we came in was a “pop” and guess what? It was a Diet Coke! From that moment,  I knew we would get along great! We had a great lesson with them. We truly followed the Spirit even word for word. I absolutely love when I have no idea what I said when we come out of lessons because I know for a fact that the lesson was solely taught by the Spirit! After that lesson we went to our apartment where we live with the North Minneapolis Hermanas; Hermana Brittner y Hermana Moore! They are so awesome! I am super excited to get to know them better.
Thursday, March 3, 2015:
This morning we went and worked out in the garage because it was too cold to go to the other building and use the gym. We then had our first day of rotating between 4 sisters taking showers. Let me tell you, I haven't showered that fast in a long time, lol! While waiting for our turns Hermana Moore and I bonded over breakfast. She is such a sweetheart! I really have enjoyed spending time with her and the other Sisters! We had service at CEAP which is kind of like ACBC & VEAP, but different.  I think I like the other 2 better, but that is okay.  I am glad to serve in the community. It was also nice to have some "tender mercy music" as we were volunteering! So Sister Neville really enjoys cooking, and she is a great cook! I am super stoked because I won't have to cook very much this transfer lol! When we came home she made crab ravioli which was actually really good! Afterwards, we visited DAN, then made some calls and tried to stop by to visit some people. We had what is called "Cottage Meeting." It is basically a study group. It was good. We had it at the Passal's home.  I was able to meet quite a few members so that was nice. We then "heart attacked" a bunch of members that we haven't been able to get in contact with over the past few weeks. I seriously love when we do that it is so fun! We came home and did the usual... We all decided to do "family prayers" together, before we go to bed each night to strengthen our relationships with one another and of course with Heavenly Father. Hermana Moore then went to the kitchen to drink a little bit of apple juice because an old wives tale says that if you drink apple juice before you go to bed it will make you have dreams!  So, we drank some apple juice, brushed our teeth, called it a night, and rolled into bed to give the apple juice dream machine a try!
Friday, March 4, 2016:
This morning when I woke up I didn't feel so great. The good news was that I did have a dream because of the juice! Sister Neville woke me up by serving me breakfast burritos in bed! They were super good! I seriously felt so spoiled! We had weekly planning.  It went okay. The first weekly planning session of a transfer into a new area is always a little bit harder because you don't really know who people are, so your companion is flying solo somewhat. During planning meeting, it was pounding snow!   That was kind of a bummer. ( of course this winter honestly hasn't been that bad, so I can deal with a few snow storms) Also, during planning Sister Neville made homemade bread. That was really fun to have the house smell of fresh bread! We saw John & Martha and crew. We shared a great lesson, so that was fun! We then went and saw Nikki & Christie again. Nikki has 2 big dogs that think they are super small and they love attention. They are great, but it's just too bad that I get itchy afterwards. OH MY GOSH!! I ALMOST FORGOT! We were driving to our appointment and when we were stopped at the light there was an ambulance on the side of the road with a few people gathered around a body with a sheet over it! THERE WAS A DEAD PERSON IN THE STREET! It was so weird! Especially because it was a dreary day! So sad.
Saturday, March 5, 2016:
We had coordination meeting to start off the day. We stopped by quite a few people, with not a ton of luck. We then stopped by a less active woman named Sister Dossen.  When we walked in her home she was wearing this cloth thing and let's just say I saw way too much of that woman during our lesson! #gottolovethatafricanlife! Haha! We also stopped by another less active lady named Ifeoma and had a pretty good lesson with her as well. We had a conference call with the Zone and then we called it a night.
Sunday, March 6, 2016:
So today I met a lot of people at church. This ward is pretty small though, compared to my last couple of areas. Jamilla sat by us at church. The whole time she kept on smelling my hair because it smelled good. haha It was kind of awkward but was a nice compliment at the same time, lol! When we went outside it was 60 degrees and Sister Neville was wearing her winter coat! Hahaha! We then went to the Taylor's for a lesson before dinner. They are a really nice family. Hermana Taylor is from Mexico. She and her husband both served missions! She is really cool though! Time and time again, I kick myself for not continuing to take Spanish. I think I want to take a Spanish class when I get home. I don't know really, it is just a thought.... Anyways, we then went to dinner at the Edgington's.  The food was really good. She made a Mexican fried taco wrap thing (she is from Mexico so it was really authentic) We then went and stopped by some people’s houses with little luck.  When we got back to our apartment, we called it a night with a glass of apple juice:) (Dream on……..!)

Love you to the moonisota and back!
Sister Young

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