Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016 "Throwin it back..."

Area: Shingle Creek Minnesota

Companion: Sister Natasha Neville
Hometown: Bakersfield California
Snail Mail: Minnesota Minneapolis Mission
5931 West 96th Street
Bloomington, MN  55438-1715

Happy Easter!

Monday, March 21, 2016:
              Today we went with the Hermanas to the Lake Nokomis building to email, play soccer, and eat tamales!!!! It was a little bit weird being back in that building and not having it be my area. After that we went shopping forever! I just can't shop like I used to!  The four of us ended up “hangry!”  It is okay though, because we got a snack, then we were better:)
We had dinner at the Helgeson's home today which was really fun and crazy.  They have seven kids under 13 years old! It was fun and really crazy!! haha! We had a member ask us to stop by to visit a family after dinner that hasn't come to church in over a month.  It was too late at night to knock and also  have a lesson because they have little kids. We decided we should still “heart attack” them.   We parked and cut out the hearts, wrote on them and went back. When we pulled up to the house I had a feeling Sister Neville should go put them on the door by herself. I told her to leave her car door open. I would stay in the car and be ready to go.  When she was putting the hearts on the door, their dog started barking like crazy!  She hurried, ran to the car and we escaped just in time for them to not see us! It was really fun!  It felt like we were spies or something, lol! We then drove over

and picked up our laundry from Sister Abrahamson's house where she showed us a book about a dolphin haha she is adorable! When we got home, Hermana Brittner decided she was sick of her clothes and decided to raid my closet haha so we had a little fashion show:)
Tuesday, March 22, 2016:
              So this morning we went back to Sister Abrahamson's home with the Hermanas so that the Elders could give Terry a priesthood blessing. The Spirit was really strong!  Our cute Sister Abrahamson was able to share her testimony with Terry.  That was a really neat experience. We had an appointment afterwards with our investigator Rachel.  When we got there she didn't answer the door! I really feel bad when people flake out on us. We went back to the house for lunch where I discovered the greatest condiment ever made.  It is called Valentina Hot Sauce. It is heaven in your mouth. I am basically addicted now.  I could eat it on corn flakes! Sister Neville had to apply to school today, so that was weird. She was calling BYU H what felt like forever but hopefully we got it squared away.  We went to Nikki & Christie's for a lesson about the Spirit and how it can affect our lives. I really want them to progress and to come to church. I know if they do so, that they can feel more love from our Savior.

I have to go now and run some errands. I will finish if we get back before our P-day is over. If we don’t make it, have a great week. I will write more next week. Love you to the Moonisota and Back!
Sister Young

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