Monday, January 25, 2016

January 25, 2016 “I'm ALIVE!!!!! Ha-ha….now that Celine Dion song is stuck in my brain!”‏

Area: Bloomington Minnesota
Cottage Grosve Sisters Kirkman, Young & Turner
Companion 1: Sister Sorrel Dumas
Hometown: Mission Viejo California
Companion 2: Sister Abriel Steadman 
Hometown: Boise, Idaho
Snail Mail:                                         
Minnesota Minneapolis Mission
5931 West 96th Street
Bloomington, MN  55438-1715


Wow…..  so crazy week!! I am going to do bullet points because there are no words for this week...
I said goodbye to Anoka on Wednesday. It was sad and so hard to leave Sister Richardson and my Elders. I will especially miss my “little brother” Elder Johnston.  Not to mention all my peeps; Sister B; Pat and Muriel........the list of people in Anoka I love, goes on and on.

"All 3 of us play LAX!!"
On Wednesday I was able to go to Cottage Grove for a couple of days with Sister Kirkman and my awesome MTC companion Sister Turner. I was lucky to be able to see some people that I knew when I served in Stillwater. I spent around 3 full weeks here then while Sis. K was ill.  I love it here and I am officially claiming it as one of the areas I have served in! (FYI, we went to a yummy restaurant in Hastings called Red Rock CafĂ©) It was really good.

Friday, I got transferred over to Bloomington. I was alone in the car with the AP’s for quite a while which was interesting and fun. Later, I took a really nice long nap at the mission home while cute Sister Fife, half of our new Mission Health Senior couple “baby sat” me…. Lol! Later it was off to Bloomington to join my companions. They have been together since summer!  They are really nice. I sleep on the top of a bunkbed which makes me feel like a mix between a baby in a crib and a princess high up in her castle!

Sister Turner, Korean, and I at the Missipi in Hastings MN.
Saturday: Sister Steadman had the stomach flu. We stayed home so she could throw up. Roger brought her some Sprite and crackers. He made my day too, by bringing me a Diet Coke! It was totally heaven sent! (I started drinking DC again ....oops) We made a few calls and found a babysitter for Sister Steadman. Sweet Sister McKay came over and stayed with her while Sister Dumas and I went and saw the Rojas family. After, we saw the Roja’s; we went to see Sister Binns. Her house is adorbs #goals.  She took us to Panera. Then we stopped at Walmart to buy Sister Steadman some Gatorade for her stomach.

Sunday we had meetings all morning. Guess what!!! I saw Sarah Edgington and Annika at the church! The lake Noko Ward was split this summer right after I left, so they go to a different building now! It was so good to see them! We took the sacrament in the hall so Sister S. wouldn't get anyone sick. After that we took her across the parking lot to the mission home. It was our way of having her quarantined.  We walked back and forth during church to check on her. Can I just tell you the Bloomington Ward has SO MANY BABIES AND PREGNANT ladies!!!! (It feels like a Utah ward……lol!) Honestly, everywhere you turn there is a baby! Relief Society was from the talk by Elder Bednar from October conference. He testified of the wisdom of Heavenly Father having the church being run by older “seasoned” men. I loved it! President Monson and President Hinckley are so cute! I know that Pres. Hinckley was and President Monson is our Heavenly Father’s living prophet upon the earth! As I was leaving church I saw Lucianne! It was so cool to say hi! We had a nice nap after church then went to President’s Fireside. When we got there, I saw PAT! PAT CAME GUYS! Sister Richardson and I had the longest hug, and then Pat and I hugged. Next, Sister Jolley and I hugged followed by Mazie! So much love was shared!  It was so special. Pat is great. I love her and miss her so much! She is doing well though. Lol!  She tried to kidnap me there. It was super funny!   That's all she wrote for this week folks!  I had an awesome quote for you but ran out of time! Stay

tuned in until next week for it! Until then…..

"We love Tiki!!  at Hockey game"
3 Nephi 5:13 “Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare His word among his people, that they might have eternal life.”

Love ya to the “Moonisota” and back

Sister Young
"Hugs bye to mama Muriel"

Pat at the Presidents fireside! (nice photo bomb Elder Smith, lol!!)

Bloomington Sisters, Me, Steadman & Dumas. Pat in chair in the back ground!!
I'm "zonked out" in the back in Prescott Wisconsin"

"Curls on curls on curls!!"

AP's loading up stuff, we are helpful, lol!!

1D poster in Cottage Grove closet, lol!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tuesday January 19, 2016 When Times are tough Remember "He'll Carry You"

Tuesday Night January 19, 2016 challenging night prior to transfers....difficult for Sister Young to leave Anoka....

"He'll Carry You"
By-Hilary Weeks

He knows your heart
He knows your pain
He knows the strength it took just too simply breathe today 

He sees the tears that you cry

He knows your soul is aching to know why 

He hears your prayers each humble word

When you said you couldn’t face another day he understood 

He knows the path that you will find
Though you felt alone he’s never left your side

He knew there’d be moments when no earthly words

Could take away your sorrow 

And no human eyes could see what you’re going through 

When you’ve taken your last step and done all that you can do 

He will lift your heavy load and carry you

He’ll bring you peace and leave you hope

And in the darkest night he’ll comfort you 

Until you know the sun will rise and each new day

You will have the strength to live again

And when there are moments when no earthly words 

can take away your sorrow 

And no human eyes could see what you’re going through 

When you’ve taken your last step and done all that you can do 

He will lift your heavy load and carry you

He hears you when you’re crying in the night 

He hears you when your soul longs to find

Till the morning will come 

And the light of the dawn reassures

That in the moments when no earthly words 

can take away your sorrow 

And no human eyes could see what you’re going through
 When you’ve taken your last step and done all that you can do 

He will lift your heavy load and carry you

Monday, January 18, 2016

January 18, 2016 “One of my best mission days ……at the St. Paul Temple!!”

Area: Anoka Minnesota
Companion: Sister Kaitlyn Richardson 
Hometown: Sammamish, Washington
Snail Mail:                                         
Minnesota Minneapolis Mission
5931 West 96th Street
Bloomington, MN  55438-1715


Hi all,

      Well, I talked about the first part of today in last week’s email! I want to tell you what happened at dinner. The Kastel’s signed up to feed us. Elder Fabrizio and Elder Johnston were invited to come too. It was super fun. The Kastel’s are such a great family! After dinner, we shared a message.
After we were finished with our message, Brother Kastel told us the "Tairy Fales" of "The Pree Little Tigs" and "RinderCella." He just spouted them off so easily. It was so funny! It was also hilarious because Elder Johnston was so confused and didn't catch on till half way through RinderCella.  We all had a good laugh about that one! When we were done, we stopped at Mickey D's for a drink and bathroom break. At McD's all of a sudden someone came up behind me and scared me! It was Bishop Petersen!!! It was super funny! He caught us drinking Diet Coke, sitting by the flat screen syncing our iPads…. Ha-ha. He was teasing us saying; “Ohhhh, is that why you come here? He was just giving us a hard time since we sat near a tv that we were just fine ignoring, even if I do say so myself. It was so fun to chat with him there. Then, we finished up by stopping at our peeps in Ramsey with no luck. While doing this we drove on a road that went on an overpass that was so high up in the air! I got super excited because I haven't been up that high in 15 months!  I felt like I was on a mountain lol! We went home and we went through some clothes that I can give to Sister Richardson that she will use more than me. Besides, they look really cute on her. Gotta’ love those hand me downs on a mish! Seriously, a lot of clothes never leave the mission.  We all do our part to keep the tradition going! Oh and I got some mail today! Which isn't too rare, but hey it's still fun to get! :)
The Elders had dinner at the Warren’s house last night (the people with the triplets and the newborn baby that live on a farm. That’s where I touched their electric fence and stinging nettle....) Sister Warren told them that I was her favorite sister missionary ever! That made me feel super good inside because I really love the Warren family! That was such a great end to the day! 
Tuesday: January 12, 2016
       This morning we had District meeting. It wasn't the same without Elder Oldroyd :(kinda missed that kid!) Elder King from my MTC group is now comps with Elder Dygert. It was good to catch up and hear how his mission is going! Elder Dygert gave a great training on missionary culture in Minnesota. It was really inspiring. Afterwards we had lunch as a District at the church. Then we spent some time on at the library. We may or may not have raced there....let’s just say Sista Young has still got it ;) ooh and I only set the ti-wi off twice #score….. At the library I got on Family Search because Sister Richardson has been doing a lot of that lately. I took a gander and guess what!?! I found 3 people who need Temple work done!!!! (Mom, you'll need to log in using my account and check it out and make sure I don't duplicate anything before we do their work!) It was really cool!  It reminded me of a song we liked in Rochester called “Find our Cousins!” Let's just say I was skipping around all day because of it!
After that, we met some cool people by stopping by potential investigators. First, we stopped by an investigator we had not visited in a while. She is an older woman named Vicki. She was at home at let us in. She made us pancakes and even gave us some to take for later! We felt inspired to share the video “A Savior is Born.” She absolutely loved all the little kids in it! She always calls us her little girls. Her voice is like super high and scratchy so it sounds cute! She loves missionaries and told us to call her Nana Vicki! After that we had dinner with Sister James and Esperanza, who has special needs. She is just a sweetheart. So is her helper Miss Carolyn. It was really great to be able to share the gospel with her helper Carolyn again. I can tell she feels the Spirit when she is working. She will “tots” get baptized one day:) After supper we had a lesson with Olivia! We taught her “The Plan of Salvation.” Let me tell you, she is such a sharp kid! She tells us when she has a question and she really pays attention in primary! She is so great! After Olivia's cold, kick butt lesson we had to run to the dollar store. We talked to 2 ladies that were super nice. We definitely were "seed planters" today! We met and did our planning when we got home. Then we cleaned up our place a little bit. We knew we had to start preparing for transfers ahead of time!
Wednesday: January 13, 2016
Oh my heck! Today was super crazy! So, to start off, neither Sister Richardson nor I could find
anything to wear! Seriously, we both tried on about 6 outfits without a winner! We then decided we were going to go out in our pajamas and call it good. That plan didn't go over well with Heavenly Father....  Therefore we ransacked each other’s closets and that was a little more successful. Sister Richardson wore my shirt and belt and I wore her skirt, vest, and necklace. So since we had wardrobe malfunctions we were late to ACBC and got the front desk. It was interesting up there because 2 drunk guys came in cussing up a storm and being gross. One even cussed me out! He is lucky I am a Sister missionary otherwise I would've let him have it! Sherry, our awesome "boss" came and kicked them out then called the cops! It was so crazy! She got them banned with a court order! She “got 'er did”! It was a super slow day after that minus the dummy that told all of us what happens in the Star Wars movie! We were all super ticked about that! Things went better after I found nail polish in my purse. Elder Johnston was like, “can I paint your nails?”  He actually did a really good job! His mom taught him well! We then had a rubber band war where I got my eye shot out! After we were done at the pantry, we went to Bishops for our meeting. It was really great because for the spiritual thought he asked us each to share one thing we have learned from Anoka. May I just say there were a few tears shed. I really love it here. I really love the people here. I love those who I serve with. They will all have a spot in my heart forever…<3.  Then we had dinner which was delicious! It was funny….. Elder Johnston and I said the exact same thing at the same time. It was super funny! #compunity lol! I love that kid! Afterwards, we stopped by some potentials with no luck. We headed to the PMG class and it went really well. We all took the Christ like attribute test in chapter 6. It was good to talk about them!
After that, we talked to some peeps in the ward. Then we started to head home, but, I had a strong impression to go and sync our iPads at good ol' McD's! It was definitely inspired. We left with the next 4 days completely booked. Sure, we had to fix some little issues, but to make the point of how well it went there was a family with 6 kids that walked in and then they came and sat in the same section as us. We had some really great small talk with them. They will be an awesome LDS family one day:) We then went home and Sister Richardson straightened my hair for the temple 
tomorrow! We are so excited! Oh, the Anoka Elders texted us a funny scripture, Proverbs 21:19 we told them they better get used to camping, ha-ha! We got a good giggle out of that convo! Ooh, I almost forgot! I also checked my email and there was a video with baby JQ in the video yelling for her skinny daddy. That was an awesome end to my night:)
Thursday: January 14, 2016
Today was probably one of the greatest days on my mission! Okay that's a little much but you get the idea! It was a fab-dang-taculous day! It started off by waking up and touching up those curls that thought they could hide from the straightener…. but I won, so it was straight! Then Sister Fosvick (the daughter in law not the one we live with) came to our house and picked us and the Elders up! We headed to the St. Paul temple! I don't know if I have told you how small it is, but it is small. The church building is bigger than it. Lol!  I am super grateful for the temple and the blessings it brings! In the car Elder Johnston made us pull out our temple recommends to prove that we didn't forget them.  Luckily we all had them. Funny enough, when we got out of the car and started checking in Elder Johnston realized he left his in the car. We all gave him crap for that one! In the clothing room we were checking out our dresses when I saw cute little Grandma Mickey Severin from Stillwater walk in! I grabbed her and hugged her so tight! It was so good to see her.  She started tearing up telling me how much she missed having sisters and having me! It was truly a tender mercy that Elder Johnston had to go back out; otherwise I wouldn't have seen her! God is so good with his timing! After our tender reunion in the dressing room I saw Sister Osborne from Stillwater! It was super fun to see her and get an update on my peeps! Our session was super packed but it went really well. It was fun. There was an old man who was going through to receive his own endowment for the first time. It was really neat to witness that! In the Celestial room we sat in there and were able to ponder, pray, read, and feel the Spirit. I really needed that extra boost of the Spirit. Sister Richardson and I had a sweet moment as we hugged there. The Elders copied us and hugged each other. Then Elder Johnston aka my little bro and I almost did but we did a solid fist bump! After all that, we filed out and waited for our ride. While we were waiting, we saw Brother Osborne! It's so weird to see people from other areas.  Ooh and Sister and Elder Hanberg were there at the temple.  They used to work in the office! Any who everyone thought I was an RM but I told them no way! I am still a set apart representative of the Lord Jesus Christ, and I am proud of it!  Sister Fosvick took us the long way home through St. Paul. We drove past the State Capitol which looked super good. Thanks! Dave H:)   Then she drove us through Minneapolis where we drove past the Basilica. Naturally, we had to stop
at the “cherry spoon” and grab pics. She then drove us past the future Vikings US Bank stadium with our 2 football boys! By then, we decided our stomachs needed food stat! So home we went! After being dropped off Sister R. and I went to good old Wendy's where we saw dumb high school boys paying with all coins.... Yeah, that was interesting. We decided to go shop downtown Anoka... We didn't buy anything because everything is way overpriced. It was still so fun to look at! We actually got a call from the Elders because they saw our car and called us at the perfect moment because they said, “Sister’s! You don't need it! Don't buy it!”  Ha-ha it was pretty funny! Wow, we were confused!
Love you all to the moonisota and back!
Sister Ashlee Young


(From here down, Short hand!)
Cc pier 1 Koski hockey Tina Muriel text
Friday January 15
Fabrizio pack warm bed Johnston mom hay stuff  no service drama fuel Dailey prayer Delong plan of salvation referral McD's clean, super trashed bed slurp game card game 
Cleaned recycled wig Muriel Cheyenne Arby's elders Johnston and chey hockey game negatives that hurtnchrich cancelled in a lot of spots ocb frozen -40° tiki held hams chuck a pick 

Sunday: freeeeeeeeezing, pat at church warrens pie, Richardson sick elders Woodward Johnston blessing Fosvick Johnston and young siblings sait for call 

Monday, January 11, 2016

January 11, 2016 "When the Air Slaps ya in the Face...Yup that's Minnesota!!"

"Me, Katie Burton & Sister Richardson"
Area: Anoka Minnesota
Companion: Sister Kaitlyn Richardson 
Hometown: Sammamish, Washington
Snail Mail:                                         
Minnesota Minneapolis Mission
5931 West 96th Street
Bloomington, MN  55438-1715



Monday: January 4, 2016
     So, after we did our laundry and shopped we met up with the Anoka Elders Johnston  and Fabrizio at Chick-Fil-A.  We were able to say hello to Mazie Anderson while she was working! It was so fun. This cute old man was taking our orders and he was so sweet! Then we went and met up with Elders Dygert and Oldroyd at our favorite district hangout "Andover Lanes."  It's funny the more we play, the grumpier we all get with our scores! We might have to make everyone use bumpers so we don't get “gutter ball attitudes" lol!
     We then went and saw Pat and Sister B. To our disappointment Pat had started smoking while Sister B. was at work. We were all pretty sad because she didn't put her “patch” on when she woke up. She didn't call us either when she was really craving a cigarette. I feel a huge responsibility for this wonderful woman. I really love Pat and I want the best for her. I know part of the reason I am in Anoka is to help her. It is so cool to be a missionary because God lets you feel a little bit of His love for His children.  I love feeling that love for so many people, but especially for Pat. It really breaks my heart to see her struggle so much. Since, she didn't quit, she decided she is going to cut back, which is progress! She was smoking 2+ packs a day.  I am pretty sure just out of boredom.  We asked Pat if we could keep her stash across the hall in Sister Bistodeau's apartment and she would give her a new pack every morning so she doesn't have a whole carton at her hands! I think it will help,  but who knows! If she doesn't quit before, she will be getting a visit from "Ashlee" in a few months for a week!  I will stay right with her and keep her so busy she won't be able to think about smoking! I hope she quits before though, because I honestly don't know if I can help with at home rehab!
     That night we had dinner at the Barons. Sister Baron and Tiki their nine year old daughter were there. Tiki brought the puppies up for us to play with! They are so cute! They will be leaving in a few weeks to go to their new families though so that is kind of sad. Until then they are so fun to hold! After dinner Tiki and I got on the subject of lotions and perfumes. For those of you who don't know, I love yummy smelling stuff.  I have a ton of it! Tiki loves it too! It was so cute as she ran to her room and brought out all of her lotions and potions for me to look at and smell! For a 9 year old she has a dang good collection! Then she showed us her makeup and Barbies. She really wants us to come over and do a spa party! I think that would be super fun. We just have to tie a gospel Principle into it haha!
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 2016
     So HUGE MIRACLES happened! This week we were able to stop by a less active lady who is so kind named Stacey! Sister Lambert was able to come with us, the spirit was so strong as we shared a message about the Savior. I am so grateful for the gift of the spirit that God gives to us as missionaries, He lets us know what His children need to hear and when we listen to the spirit we are able to help Him perform miracles. So later on we were driving and I had a strong impression to go stop by Gladys and her girls. As we pulled up we buzzed their apartment and they ANSWERED!!!! Guys they answered!!!! We said "It's the Sisters" they buzzed us in! I was so stinkin’ excited! So we went up and talked to them and they miss us! Gladys's work schedule has been so crazy and so that is why they weren't able to meet with us. The good news is that they went to church last week with their friend in the Medicine Lake ward!  Gladys is taking work off next week for church! I really hope that she is able to actually make it. The Spirit was super strong. I am so grateful I was able to listen to the Spirit and go see them.

Saturday and Sunday
Oh my gosh! Today we had permission to watch a movie called "The War Room" with Sister B. and Pat!!!!! You have got to see it! It is so good! When I grow up and have my own house I am building myself a war room! Seriously it was so inspiring! I don't want to spoil it for anyone but it is about prayer and how your relationship with God can truly change your life! I promised after the movie to change my prayers to be even more sincere. (Moroni 10:4) I will go forward with more hope and faith that God really can do all things.  I know he can.  I wanted to climb on the roof in the -18 degree weather and shout it to everyone!   Heavenly Father loves them and wants to hear their prayers.  If we truly have faith in Him they will be answered! Basically, God is good all the time; and all the time God is Good! Okay I will step off my soap-box now;)
     We had dinner at the Baron’s home again tonight.  She was nice enough to fill in our empty days:) It was super yummy because it was freezing cold outside. She made us homemade lasagna with other stuff that was so yummy.  I forgot all of the treats, but it was good. We shared a message with them after dinner then played with some puppies, because they are too cute to resist. Tiki showed us her nail polish collection and was so excited when I gave her some perfume and lotion that I didn't use anymore! She then showed us her dolls and her Barbie’s and invited us to her hockey game. Then she showed us her curling iron! I was getting a crack out of how cute it was that she wanted to show us everything she owned! Sunday morning we came to church and let me tell ya it was the kind of cold that smacks ya right in the face then goes through your entire body and boy does it hurt. Tiki greeted us at church. She taught us how to braid our scarves. She was so excited about that and what our favorite color was that day :) We then waited for Sister B. to come. When she did we all went in and sat wayyyy too close to the front for my liking. #backrowjoe #mom&marilyn ;) I opened up my water and didn't realize it was frozen... it sprayed all over! 1 point water bottle,  0 for Sister Young.  It was a super good day at church though because Sister B. stayed all 3 hours and Sunday school was about prayer! It was so cool to see her eyes light up having just watched the “War Room” which gave her another insight on prayer. We then had a Relief Society lesson on Howard W. Hunter.  He seems like he was a great man. I am going to be honest with ya and tell you I don't remember what happened in R.S. because there were 2 newborn babies that were sitting by me that were super cute.
     Sister B. and Pat invited us over after church for dinner. We made homemade burgers and some kind of potato thing that was really good! So as you may remember the four of us have nick names for one another from the Golden Girls (my fave show ever!) I am Sophia, Sister B. is Blanche, Pat is Rose, and Sister Richardson is Dorothy! We all fit our characters pretty well especially Pat/Rose. Honestly, it is scary how similar they are haha! But, we made another alter ego comparison for us from the Wizard of Oz (my favorite movie from when I was a kid) Sister B and Ivy her dog are Dorothy and Toto, Pat is the Scarecrow because she is missing a little bit upstairs, she wears a lot of plaid, she is Dorothy's best friend and ironically she smokes which makes the whole fire thing comical.  I am the Cowardly Lion, because my own shadow can scare me. Sister Richardson is the Tin man because she is tall, wears a lot of grey and her joints crack! We were all dying laughing when we discovered our alter egos haha!
      Oh and I heard that the big game stunk because someone couldn't kick a 27 yard field goal! Let me tell ya there are some frozen angry Minnesotans because of that game. Oh, did I mention that it has finally gotten cold... yeah -30 degrees sounds good to me! Bring it on MN!!!!

Today, January 11, 2015
        So this morning we got a call from the Andover Elders (Oldroyd and Dygert) They told us that Elder Oldroyd would be ET'd today at Presidents interviews... I wish that it could wait a week. He will be great in his new area though. We then had Presidents interviews.  I was the first one. We had a good chat. The information I will share with you from that is that there is a possibility of someone in our companionship being transferred and a possibility of Sister Richardson training a new missionary. I really don't want to leave Anoka.  I know though that the Lord knows what He is doing. So, the thought of leaving was kind of a damper on my morning. We went to Chic-Fil-A for lunch because it makes everyone feel better haha.  There is this cute old old guy named Gary that works there. He is so nice to everyone.  He wears a bow tie and is just adorable! I probably have mentioned him before but, if he doesn't get baptized in this life he will in the next! We have dinner with the Kastel family tonight, so that should be good. I will let yall know next week about transfers! Remember to play hard and PRAY harder!
Love you to the FROZEN Moonisota and Back!

Sister Young
"Me, Katie Burton & Sister Richardson"
"If life gets too hard to stand...KNEEL" -President Gordon B. Hinckley
"Weekly Planning..."

Monday, January 4, 2016

January 4, 2016 "2016, the Year for Miracles!"

"15 months!"

Area: Anoka Minnesota
Companion: Sister Kaitlyn Richardson 
Hometown: Sammamish, Washington
Snail Mail:                                         
Minnesota Minneapolis Mission
5931 West 96th Street
Bloomington, MN  55438-1715


Hey Everyone!
This week has been so great! We were able to pick up a new investigator named Olivia. She is 8 years old. She was a referral from a member in the ward. Her older sister and mother are members of the church. We taught her “The Restoration”.  The Spirit was so strong. We invited her to be baptized. She accepted and set a date for January 16, 2016! We are Soooo excited!!! This is what we have been praying for.  A new
"Sister Jaklin & me in Elm Creek"
investigator, and finally we have found one!  We have also been able to meet with Mckenzie this week.  She told us that she has read the Book of Mormon a little bit since we last came to see her!
I also went on “exchanges” with Sister Jacklin in Elm Creek.  It was pretty fun because we were able to teach an active lady named Sister Carter. The Spirit was so strong as we taught the gospel of Jesus Christ! It was a super spiritually filled lesson.

New Year’s Eve we went to Sister B and Pat's home with the Andover Elders; Oldroyd and Dygert. We had so much fun as we played "spoons" and "BS". At midnight, we all had a Martinelli's toast to ring in the New Year! We then went to Elm Creek to have a Zone wide Sisters sleepover! It was super fun, but I was so so tired after staying up late…. ha-ha! It was super fun! In the morning we left and then met up with Christy and Breanna for lunch at Texas Roadhouse! It was so nice to be able to see them and catch up!

"Me and my Angel Christy"
Isn't it so crazy I hit 15 months!?! I can't believe it! I wish the time would slow down! There is so much I want to do here before I head back to the 801!

Wonderful news! My dear Pat decided to quit smoking again!  Please keep her in your prayers as she tackles this difficult trial. Sunday we had dinner at the Warrens home. Their baby is so cute! He is 3 months old. It kills me that we can't hold babies! Seriously it's kind of torture....So if anyone has a baby when I get home can I hold it? Jk; but really! Any ways we had a great lesson about the gospel of Christ. A less active girl and her nonmember boyfriend were there.  It went great! The Spirit was so strong as we testified of the Savior.

I really love being in Anoka and being a missionary for my Savior.  I love sharing the gospel with those who haven't heard it. I love so much that I am having the opportunity to love so many people.  I also have to admit that I absolutely love my companion Sister Richardson and the goofy Elders Johnston, Fabrizio, Oldroyd and Dygert! Seriously they are like the little brothers I have never wanted ;)

Speaking of brothers, I am so grateful for both of mine. As it was Riley's death anniversary of 29 years yesterday, I couldn't help but think of how grateful I am for the plan of happiness.   The joy I feel from knowing I can see him again and that we can be a complete family is so comforting and brings hope to our family. I am so grateful I can share this message with the people of MN so they don't have to feel the sting of death.  Christ atoned for our sins, died and was resurrected so that so we could live again with Him as
"New Years Eve with Sister B & Pat ! "
families!  I know this is where I need to be.

I am so grateful I have the privilege to be a part of Gods army. I love you all and appreciate all you do for me. Remember to rely on your Father in Heaven. Strengthen your relationship with Him as much as possible this year. Here is my favorite quote from my studies this week. It may be my new motto for this coming year.  Choose to Be Happy: “So much in life depends on our attitude. The way we choose to see things and respond to others makes all the difference. To do the best we can and then to choose to be happy about our circumstances, whatever they may be, can bring peace and contentment. … We can’t direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails. For maximum happiness, peace, and contentment, may we choose a positive attitude." -President Thomas S. Monson

All I can say after that is Amen. #choosehappy

President & Sister Forbes #goals
Love you to the Moonisota and Back!

Sister Young

Elder Johnston modeling Pat's new chair!


Elder Johnston & little puppy!

"Elder Johnston & 2 puppies!!"

"New Years Eve party!"