Monday, February 29, 2016

February 29, 2016 “Summer for a day! I will take it ! Felt like Olaf in Frozen!‏!”

"Bye, Pesante Family"
Tripanion 1: Sister Sorrel Dumas Hometown: Mission Viejo California
Triapanion 2: Sister Abriel Steadman 

Hometown: Boise, Idaho
Snail Mail: Minnesota Minneapolis Mission
5931 West 96th Street
Bloomington, MN  55438-1715

Wow! This week has been something else. Let me just tell you! I don't really have the mental capacity right now to make sentences because I am so hungry! I am going to hit the highlights with bullet points. I hope they will do for now....
- No one signed up to feed us, so we called cute Sister Piper. She had an email sent out so people called us thinking we were dying and wanted to feed us.
-Monday FHE had a lesson with Stephen at Bishop Christensen's house. It went really well. We talked about his concerns and how to recognize the Spirit.
-Monday we also watched the King and I at Lucianes house from Lake Noko and ate delicious Brazilian food!
-Tuesday we went to stop by a lady named Dee Anderson. She is really nice. We took a lady named Penny Carlson in our ward.  Dee was sick, so Penny invited us back to her house for a coke and a cookie. We shared a message and the Spirit was so strong.
-Tuesday we had dinner with the Lanes that have twin baby girls. The mom works at an OB-GYN office.  It was so much fun to talk about my future career as a labor and delivery nurse ( I think)
-Wednesday, Roger told us he was moving. That was sad. He invited us to breakfast at Perkins for a last hoorah, which was fun.
-We had a “pass off” lesson with Hermana Hiatt y Warmbier for a guy named Carlo. We shared the message on the Restoration.  His attitude in life currently is to eat, drink and be merry. It will be interesting to see if he continues to meet with us. He has great potential though!
"Evalette, Tim, Brittney, Carter & Me"
-We then had someone drop dinner off for us at the church. While we were eating in the kitchen I saw Brittany! It was so cool to see her! She grabbed me and took me into the gym where there was a Boy Scout thing where Tim was sitting with their 2 kids!!!! Oh my gosh!  It was so cool to see them! The little boy's name is Carter, and the little girl is Evalette! They both wanted me to hold them so bad! We just had to give lots of hugs! It made me so happy! 
-We had Bishops meeting which was good.
-Thursday we had dinner with the Adams, which was fun. It was awkward though because the Elders were supposed to come, but never showed up.... We saw like 10 deer run through their yard! I don't see deer very often here, so it was a real treat! They were white tails too! 
-After that we saw Stephen and had a lesson on the spirit/ plan of happiness. It went really well. He is really good at praying. We invited him to be baptized March 26. He wrote it down and squiggled around it…. woohoo! Can’t wait for him to get his answer!"
"Letter from Brooklyn"
-Friday VEAP with the gals, which was great fun! Then I went to the office and worked. Meanwhile the mailman came in and brought me a letter from Brooklyn! It made me so happy! I was having kind of a rough day.  I was fasting, so her letter really gave me the boost I needed!
-That night we had dinner at the Kusilek’s who have the 4 little boys. Two are baby twins and are so fun to play with! I think they should marry the Lane girl twins! They made yummy pizza. It was sort of like the pizza we made at the ‘hive.  I am not sure how but they found out I am a Disney fan. I got to let my Disney nerd come out of the closet for a little bit, so that was REALLY FUN! 
-We then spent some time making a map of our area and I did some studying to get answers to some things I have had to pray about. 
-SATURDAY WAS SUMMER! It was so nice outside! It was like 50! 
-We had dinner with the Davis's. When we came out after, it was like 50 degrees still with NO WIND!  WOOHOO! The Davis family is awesome. They have a rock solid family mission plan! #goals 
"Steady didn't have a heat pack so she used, feet warmers, lol!!
-We then went and saw Marcy who is struggling right now. We felt impressed to share some personal experiences, scriptures, songs and a video on being loved by God and trusting Him. 
-Sunday it SNOWED big time! ARGH! It's okay though because it didn't stick :) We had coordination meeting, followed by Ward Council.  We then got a text from Stephen saying he wasn't coming to church. 
-It was really weird because it is unlike him; Satan is working hard to pull him down. Pray for him please. We then had a Stake meeting that was great because it was to the point and short! We then went to Visit the Price family and had a lesson on family mission plans. 

-We had dinner at the Whitney’s. I love the Whitney’s. They are the best people ever! I am so grateful I have been able to work with her in the office this transfer! She is so Christ like and loving! She is just wonderful! 
-We heart attacked Sister Binns, Sister Tatyana, Sister Nightingale, and Sister Morey so that was great fun
-Today we are going to pack, eat lunch first, and then go to the Stones for dinner. The we are off to see the Pesante's afterwards for a lesson.
That’s all folks!  17 months tomorrow. Funny how 17 and March land together lol! 
Love you lots peeps, to the Moonisota and back!

Sister Ashlee young

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