Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21, 2016 “Eternal Perspective……Bill an Example Who Emulated the Savior”

Area: Shingle Creek Minnesota
Companion: Sister Natasha Neville
Hometown: Bakersfield California
Snail Mail: Minnesota Minneapolis Mission
5931 West 96th Street
Bloomington, MN  55438-1715

 Hi Everyone,

          When we got up this morning it was super drizzly and gray outside, so it was a bit dreary. We dropped our laundry off at Sister Abrahamsons' and she had made me a book mark with Proverbs 3:5-6 on it! So that was absolutely adorbs! When we got to the library, sure enough I opened my email and sitting right there at the top is my "death packet" aka my papers to get me ready to go home! That was a very surreal moment for me. I never thought that I would get to the end of my mission. Honestly, I still feel as if I will be here in Minnesota forever. That is actually a good thing, because it helps the "trunky-ness" stay down. I have been pleasantly surprised to find out how I am not trunky. At least not yet!  That is good, right? It may not be good though because if I have the attitude that I am never coming home, home could be a hard adjustment for me…..don’t cha know? I have got to find the balance there. The Hermanas finally came home! After being gone for a couple days, it felt really nice to have them back! I put a welcome home note with some stuff on their beds. They looked really cute, so that was fun! Afterwards, we ate some lunch together and watched “The Testaments.” Later on Sister Hawes made delicious enchiladas. Unfortunately, something didn't sit well in my stomach. Let’s just say that we had to cancel our appointment.... So, not to waste any time, we did phone call lessons.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016:
           I felt a little bit better this morning. I wasn't too sure, so I kept it safe at breakfast by just having a
piece of dry toast.  We went to our service at CEAP where I became super nauseous and a bit queasy from the smells of the moldy food we were sorting through. Luckily the other volunteers showed up early, so we were able to leave earlier! We went to see Nikki and Christie. We were able to talk to them about life. They just really needed to talk to someone who they could trust. Christie said that she saw that Sister Hunt had posted a really nice testimony on her Facebook page about the Hallelujah video. Sure enough, she read it to us so we were able to have a piece of her sweet Spirit there with us. It was super cool! It is amazing how those initiatives can reach out to so many people! Because of Sister Hunt, we were able to share our testimonies on the Savior and His resurrection! While we were talking and laughing, my companion laughed hard and accidently pushed her chair out bumping into Nikki's Great-Grandma's curio cabinet. That knocked a vase off the top and it shattered on the floor. It was really awkward in there, I’m not gonna lie!  But, she apologized over and over. It was just an accident, so it was okay. Thank goodness for the atonement right?!?

Wednesday, March 16, 2016:
                I woke up this morning with a scratchy throat, migraine, stuffy nose, and a slight fever. Getting
 sick is no bueno. We had district meeting over the phone because people didn't want to get contaminated and let’s be honest; I was not feeling well enough to go. We did have to run to the store though to get some medicine.  While we were there I got an email from Mom. That made me feel a lot better :)  Thanks Chickie!

Thursday, March 17, 2016:
                Happy St. Patrick's Day! Great start to the day when you feel worse then you did the day before...not!  "Luckily" I felt mischievous enough to sneak out of bed when the Hermanas’ and Sister Neville weren't paying attention long enough to turn the milk green in our fridge ha-ha! The STL's insisted that we go to lunch with them to a local taco truck. It was definitely worth it! The habanero pepper sauce cleared my nose up really quick! We had dinner with Christy at Olive Garden which tasted absolutely fabulous. I haven't been there since I was home! She is so great! Hermana Brittner "babysat" me while Sister Neville y Hermana Moore went to an appointment with a new baby.  We didn't think it would be smart for me to go and get him sick. When they got home, Hermana Moore told me that she feels like we have been friends forever! She made my heart feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)

Friday, March 18, 2016:
            So, once again I am sick.... Hermana Moore stayed with me this morning while the other 2 went to an appointment where there was another little baby. We crocheted like a bunch of Grandma's so that was good clean fun! When Sister Neville came back we had a couple lessons over the phone with people. To our delight, they went really well! The Hermanas’ went on exchanges. I had a great surprise and treat. Sister Steadman came here! It was so nice to see her! 

Saturday, March 19, 2016:
                This morning we had coordination meeting with our ward mission leader. The Elders had a baptism for one of their investigators named Blessing! She is amazing. Elder Peterson was able to baptize her. In our mission, Elders don't really get to baptize their converts unless it is a special case. It was so neat to get to see that. Afterwards, there was this Choco flan cake that Sister Edgington made that was seriously the best thing ever! I had to just say that. We had dinner at the Woods home where we had shepherd’s pie in honor of St. Patty's day. For dessert we had vanilla ice cream with bananas, chocolate sauce, and rice crispies on top! It was so good!! You will have to try it! We then went to Ifeoma's house and taught her a lesson based from the Easter video.  Then we watched the talk from President Uchtdorf "A Summer with Great Aunt Rose." The Spirit was so strong. We were able to all testify to her. Ifeoma is looking for the truth and just really needs confirmation from Heavenly Father at this time. 
Sunday, March 20, 2016:
              I have to be quick with this because we are out of time.  I am so grateful we were able to go to church and that I felt well enough to go! We had dinner at the Brueshaber's. After, we went to Presidents Fireside with Jamilla and Sister Passal who drove us. It was so cool because I was able to see Theresa B. from Lake Nokomis! Guess what? She is getting baptized on Saturday! I am so happy! It all started with saying hi in the mail room, now she is getting baptized!!!! I will write more of this miracle next week when I am at the baptism!!!! I am so grateful for those small promptings just to say hello. Today is also Summer’s one year anniversary from her baptism!!
On a bittersweet note,  I received an email from my parents notifying me of Papa Bill's passing on

Saturday. I was truly saddened to hear that this wonderful Christ like man had left this earthly state. One thing I am so grateful for is the clarity I have learned to be able to see of an eternal perspective. I feel as though it is heightened as a missionary. I am grateful for that. Papa Bill has impacted my life more than anyone will know. He was truly a selfless, genuine man who made everyone feel loved. I truly believe that he saw people as they really are; sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father. The wonderful thing is he treated everyone as that. Whenever I was around him he made me feel welcomed and loved and a part of the family. That was a huge blessing to me. He was an amazing Papa to my 4 kiddos and I know he was a truly exceptional Father to my sister Sarah.  I know that many of her wonderful qualities that she has and that the kids have come from Bill. I also couldn't have asked for a better Father in law for my big brother Bryan. I know that Bryan loved Bill and that Bill looked at Bryan as one of his own. Bill and Jackie have been so amazing to all of my family and I am so thankful. I also have to say Bill was THE BEST cook in the entire world. I believe it is because everything he made, he made with love for the people who would be eating it. This week as I go forth sharing the gospel that Bill emulated of our Savior, I want to let people know that families are forever. Our trials and afflictions in this life are but a small moment in eternity. Bill and the legacy he lived will forever be in my heart. God be with you till we meet again!

Love you all Lots to the moonisota & back,
Sister Ashlee Young


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