Monday, May 4, 2015

Letter from May 4, 2015 " 7 Months!!!!"

"7 Months!!! "
Tripanion: Sister Hunt, Sister Zimmerman

Hometown: Mesa, Arizona – Northern California

Snail Mail:

Minnesota Minneapolis Mission

5931 West 96th Street

Bloomington, MN  55438-1715

Hey Ya'll!!!!! 

Monday 4/27/15: Today was zone P-day. We went to Eden Prairie to go bowling. It was really fun. After that we went to a park and played some football, basketball, tennis etc.
"Zone P-day!"
We had dinner with a nice lady in our ward who made some delicious fish tacos. She told us about her life and some trials that she has had to face. We shared some scriptures with her that hopefully helped her realize that God is in control, that he is aware of her and he loves her very much.

Tuesday 4/28/15:  Today was insane! We went on exchanges with the Minnetonka Sisters. Sister Larson came here to Mpls. We had to drive to Chanhassen to pick them up so it took a lot of miles! (Their car was in the shop so they couldn't drive) Sister Larson is super nice. She is 27, but doesn't look like it at all! It was fun to learn some things from her. We went and saw a lady in our ward and her daughter.  She is not a member and lives in Chicago. She came to church and she had written down some questions she had. The Spirit was so strong as we answered what had been going through her head.  It all made sense to her. She expressed that she would like to take the discussions here and back home in Chicago. So, we have to call the missionaries in IL! Kinda cool!!!! We then had a lesson at Annika's with Sarah.  Annika's sister Bergin asked if she could join us! It was such a cool experience!  She answered all of our questions!!!!

Wednesday 4/29/15: Today we are going to the Temple! I am so excited!  I absolutely love the temple! The Elders picked us up. So our whole district rode in the” Vanimal.”  The AP's drove. Elder Marshall Henrie and I had a fun time chatting about peeps at Brighton. Then Elder King and I had fun chatting about Perry Taylor! We went to the temple and had a great time.  I liked being reunited with Sister Hunt and Zimmerman; I missed them.

While at the temple this week I was so grateful to have that time to receive personal revelation from my Heavenly Father. He has so much in store for me if I am faithful and work hard on my mission to help his children come closer to him. I received some answers to questions I have had while I was there. I went through for a lady named Minnie! I thought that was so fun! I love how thin the veil is when we go to the house of the Lord. After the session, we went to Sister Bennett's for dinner.  After, we had a lesson with “Mom” and Auntie.  We talked about Alma 32! After that we got a text saying we needed to get home because there are riots in Minneapolis!  It said if we can't get home safely to drive to the Mission Home. Don't worry Mom, we got home just fine and locked the door:)

Thursday 4/30/15: We had an awesome lesson with Hope this morning on temples….. Shocker!  We are on a temple "high". We then went to District meeting. We talked a lot about studies and light. We watched Elder Bednard's Patterns of Light videos I invite you all to watch them. He shows us a different perspective on light. We had lunch at the famous Minnesotan “Raising Cane's”. It has good chicken. We then taught Shania about the Prophets. Speaking of that, Mom some people want to see the Brigham Young couch... could you send me a picture?  

Friday 5/1/2015: I have been out 7 MONTHS!!!!  How did that happen??? Today we had a lesson with Summer. We felt prompted to share Elder Bednar's “Patterns of Light” videos. We next had to go to Physical Therapy for Sister Zimmerman’s knee. When she was doing that a guy asked us if we were missionaries.  We said yes, and long story short he wants to know more about the Book of Mormon! It was such an amazing experience to see how Heavenly Father really prepares people to meet us, so they can come closer to him. We then had a lesson with Rachelle, which was so awesome!  She asked so many questions and we were able to answer all of them and relate them back to her Native American ancestry. She loved it! We then went and had a lesson with Desirae and her munchkins. 

"The joys of being Sister missionaries!!"

Saturday, May 2, 2015: This morning my hair has been driving me crazy! It is so itchy! I asked the Sisters to look at my hair. Guess what we found.....Head LICE!!!! EEEWWWWWW! All three of us have them!!!! I started having a panic attack! It is so gross….. seriously, first bed bugs, now lice! You have got to be kidding me! We called Elder Graff and then immediately went to the store to buy the Nix medicated lice treatment! We spent all day shampooing our hair and picking out lice and eggs! The whole mission pretty much knows about it too; it's really bad! We had to clean our apartment by taking all of our clothes and bedding to be washed. Then we set off a “bug bomb” in our apartment.  We left to go to the mission home to sit in the back yard and pick bugs out of our hair!!!!! Honestly, it is just so nasty. So, on our way there, in the middle of the road I had to stop because I saw a turtle crossing
"be free little friend!"
the road. So what do I do? Pull over and move the little guy. He was hissing,  hahaha! What a cute little friend! It made my day a little better knowing I saved a life. Lol! Sister Forbes is so cute! She made us some dinner and brought it outside to us. Haha… She is so darling; she gave me my favorite... WATERMELON! It made the nightmare of a day a little better! We then had to go to Stake Conference to the Saturday night session. All three of us had our hair up in buns, which was funny,  haha. 

Sunday May 3, 2015: So, we heard that hair dye also helps kill lice.  So we bought some yesterday and all dyed our hair today.  Sister Hunt's hair color is the only one that looks different. We had Stake Conference with Elder Spackman of Seventy! He shared some really cool experiences! We did some stop byes today after conference.  Nothing too exciting happened. 

And May the 4th be with you:)

Moral of this week:  Go to the temple, Don't get head lice, Read Alma 32, Watch Elder Bednar's “Patterns of Light” video, and last but not least…..Save turtles. (Link at bottom of blog post)

Love you all to the Moonisota and Back!

Sister Ashlee Young

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