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May 11, 2015 "They weren't kidding when they said it would be THE BEST 2 years!‏!!!!”

Our Three Miracles!
Tripanion: Sister Hunt, Sister Zimmerman
Hometown: Mesa, Arizona – Northern California
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Minnesota Minneapolis Mission
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Hey Ya'll!

So, my letter will be brief since I talked to ya'll yesterday.......this past P-day was the best day ever! We had district p-day at a member’s house in the stake.  (who is loaded) They have a really nice home! We all played sports, but guess what they had?!?? LACROSSE equipment and a yard big enough to play it in!!!!! Ahhh…… I was so excited!!!! I played lax A L L day long! I've missed it so much!!! We also played the “couch” game, and “apples to apples!” But the important thing is I got to play lacrosse!  No one else really knew how to play so I tried teaching Sisters Hunt and Zimmerman……. but they didn't like it (#couldn'treallydoit) They had their sports there too (tennis and soccer) so they were a little occupied.  I convinced one of the Elders to play catch with me. It took a while to teach him some basics but he eventually got it. It was a blast!! It made me miss my team though!!!! Later that night we had a lesson with Faith, about Jesus Christ. It went really well.

Some "bunny's" are tired after a service project in the garden.
Lucianne really appreciated the help! #worthitfersure
Tuesday, we went to Lucianne's house and gardened in her huge yard! We planted bulbs, and weeded. We were so worn out at the end. We also found a dead bunny's head and tail.  It was morbid. We were so tired after playing hard on Monday, then gardening all day.

Wednesday, we went and saw the Walkers! They are the cutest old couple. (I've told you about them before) We also did a lot of “stop-bys”, but without any success. The day ended great when Sister Zimmerman's recent convert from her past area came to visit us and took us out to the Cheesecake Factory for a special dinner! It was so lovely! Seriously, the food
"Me with the Walkers"
there is prime! 

Thursday, we had district meeting. We talked a lot about the enabling power of the atonement, grace, remembrance, and families. Those are some things that are so unique about the Church. You have got to love eternal families :)  We had to sneak out of the meeting a minute early so we could get to Sister Z's physical therapy appointment.  Her knee is doing a lot better.  She is off crutches now, so that is nice.

Me and "Z"
Friday, we had the most awesome miracle with the girl’s mom! Sister Hunt and I went over to her house and talked to her about Alma 32. We had asked her to read it the prior visit. She told us that she had read it 5 times! She said she has had the missionaries in her house for 4 years but that nothing worked with her. That was until she read that chapter and it touched her heart. For her to read the Book of Mormon, was such a miracle and an answer to our prayers. She expressed her desire to learn more, to meet with us, and to come to Church!!!! We are so thrilled!!!! The rest of Friday had been
Zone Service Day!
rough. It's been an extremely slow week. But as you can tell, Heavenly Father is blessing us with tender mercies to help us along.

Cemetery Service Project
Aria, Adriana,Young, Hunt
Saturday was great! The Lake Nokomis Ward did a service project at Oak Hill Cemetery. You know this is right up my alley.  It's only a block away from our apartment.  We planted some flowers, and got in a water fight...... I may or may not have started it...... We raked around the fence, and un-buried some head stones that were overgrown by grass! We are going to start doing service there weekly to help them out:) After that, we had to shower again. We got really muddy, so we rinsed off during lunch. After that it was time to go fill the font up for Hope's baptism! Let me tell you, there is nothing like the sound of water running in the church :) When Hope and her family arrived at the church, we took some pictures.  Elder Stacey (called as an Area Seventy at General Conference in April) who is baptizing Hope asked her sisters, Faith (age 14)and Shania ( age 11) why they weren't getting baptized today too. They were both like “we are going to do it eventually” and he said; “why don't you just do it now, you know the church is true?!” So, they said Mom, can we get baptized with Hope tonight? She said YES!!!! We were like how can we do this? So I called President Forbes and explained that they really were prepared and they know the
We made it! Ready to be baptized!
May 9, 2015
Edina, Minnesota
church is true.  He asked if the Zone Leaders were going to be at the baptism and we said yes; they are the witnesses. He said to have them give the girls an interview when they got there and he would try to come to see them get baptized! I was freaking out! Seriously, I was like hyperventilating, laugh- crying, squeezing the girls and Charity their mom all at the same time! Elder Fuller and Ford walked in.  I ran to them and told them what had happened, and they were like what? Sister Young calm down we don't understand you! I was so excited!!!! Then they were like no way!!! So they interviewed the girls 
Elder Fuller, Elder Ford, Sisters Young, Hunt and Zimmerman
and the baptism start time was delayed a bit, but of course it was well worth the wait! To top it all off, President and Sister Forbes came in time to see them get baptized! Sister Hunt gave a really good talk on Baptism. Next it was time for the baptisms.  Hope was baptized first, then Faith, and then Shania.
"Elder Stacey with Girls"
I was a mess crying. I have never felt so much joy in my life. After, Hope shared her testimony, then Faith decided she would like to as well. She does not cry, but she got up and started to cry when she bore her sweet testimony. I was so proud of her. Sarah was whispering to President Forbes after not to transfer us because she would “die!” Haha; she is so cute!
After the baptism, Elder Stacey said he would take us out to Perkins.  Little did we know it was his birthday.  Naturally we found out. ( because we are sneaky)  While we were there a biker gang came in. They were all drunk and when we started singing “Happy Birthday” to Elder Stacey, what happened next was HILARIOUS! One of the really drunk ones was like "YOU DID IT MAN, YOU DID IT!!!!" We all were busting up laughing!!!!  After that we had a conference call with the zone because our zone had 7 baptisms in one day and 3 of them were ours! So we got on and bore our testimonies then talked about the experience! It was a great day!
Following the baptism, Elder and Sister Stacey of the
Seventy, take us out to dinner at Perkins to
We Love the Stacey's!
Sunday:  Happy Mother's day! Today the girls were confirmed.  Charity came to church with them and it was so amazing to see Charity, Summer, Faith, Hope and Shania all at church :) I was bawling during their confirmation blessings especially when they talked about them getting married in the temple and Shania going on a mission!!!!!! I am so grateful that I was able to be a part of their life to see them enter into the waters of baptism and make covenants with the Lord! After church we went to Lucianne's to skype you guys! Mom I can't believe you didn't recognize my voice at first!!! Everyone looks so good! I was so thrilled to be able to see you all and talk to you! I love you all so much! This was seriously the best week
"Mom with her girls!"
ever! Oh and today we found out about transfers...Sister Hunt and I are going ETERNAL!!!! Sister Zimmerman is going to Bloomington, and Elder Ford is being 
transferred to Sauk Rapids.  We will miss them! Well, I have to go.  I love you all to the Moonisota and Back!!!!

Sister Ashlee Young
"Be free little friend!"

Zone P-Day Fun!

Not all of the comforts of home were left behind......
Great night at the Cheesecake Factory
thanks to Sister Z's visiting converts
from her last area

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