Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015 "Busy as a Bee...."

Chilly at the game!

Tripanion: Sister Hunt, Sister Zimmerman
Hometown: Mesa, Arizona – Northern California
Snail Mail:
Minnesota Minneapolis Mission
5931 West 96th Street
Bloomington, MN  55438-1715

Hey Ya'll!!!!

 Monday, April 20, 2015:
    Today we didn't do a whole lot of fun stuff. We are still trying to get our apartment in order, so to help Sister Hunt went through her clothes and tried EVERYTHING on! Sister Zimmerman and I laid on our beds and were the judges of the outfits.  Both of us fell asleep while she was modeling! That was funny! Oh my, we had dinner with the cutest couple today named the Murrays! They are having a baby girl on Cinco de Mayo! Seriously they are just so adorbs and so vintage. Their little house is decorated so cute! We love them! Her belly is so adorable too! We kinda have a little battle with the Elders to see who can get the cutest families; we beat them, big time. After, we went to someone’s house who was in a really bad mood. To make a long story short, the three of us left pretty upset. (possibly in tears)  It's hard when people are hurtful. So, we went to McDonalds after that appointment to get an ice-cream and a DC. #itwasaroughnight
Tuesday, April 21, 2015:
Faith's Softball game!

    Today we did some service for Sister Lucianne E. We then had the opportunity to go to Faith's softball game with her Mom, Charity. It was fun to see her play and to be able to support her! Except for the fact Minnesota decided to be bi-polar and start snowing super hard! On top of that the wind was blowing. We were all f r e e z i n g!!!!!  Faith's team won! (Of course) We then went to Desirae's and had a little lesson on the priesthood. She made us some dessert. nachos #delicious  After that we went to Annika's house to teach her about the ten commandments! It was a really fun lesson! I think this is one of my faves to teach besides chastity ;) Teaching about chastity is always such a crack up with the youth! While we were with Annika, we asked her if she had been praying about baptism. She told us she had, and that she felt good about May 9th!!!
Wednesday, April 22, 2015:
Trying to keep warm!  
      Today I had a really bad headache. Let's just say I did not function my best during the day time! We had a lesson with Shania and Faith tonight. Faith wanted to do my eyebrows, so I told her she could if she listened really good during the lesson! It was great! We had a good lesson on the Plan of Happiness and then I got my eyebrows done! Win!!!! Win!!!! We taught Shania who is 11, “chastity” on the simplest level and she was soooo squirmy. It was HILARIOUS! She was hiding behind her sweatshirt and we just couldn't help but laugh! I love being a missionary haha!!!
Thursday, April 23, 2015:
"Chastity lessons!"
    This morning we had a lesson with Hope. We talked about the priesthood and the important role that it plays in our lives. I have come to realize the importance of the priesthood in a home as I have been on my mission. I am grateful for the worthy priesthood holders that I have grown up with like my Daddy and Bryan! I hope that when I get home and find an eternal companion that I may find one that honors his priesthood, who realizes he holds the authority to act in God's name. We had district meeting today which was really good. We talked a lot about the planning, charity, and goals. There is so much that we can improve on, but we need to remember that as long as we try our best Heavenly Father will take care of us. After that Sister Hunt and I went to Bishop's meeting with the Elders. It takes a long time to talk about what happens here in the Lake NoCHAOS  Ward!

Afterwards, we went to Bloomington to pick up Sister Zimmerman. We then drove over to Christina's house to have a lesson with her. She walked in, sat down, opened her Book of Mormon and was like "this is what I thought about what I read..." she loved it and dove right into the scriptures…… it was awesome! We had to stop her so we could say a prayer! The Spirit is so strong! When she asks questions you can tell she sincerely has a desire to know the truth!!!! I know it's not the best to say it; but she IS GOLDEN!!!!
Friday, April 24, 2015:
     Today when we went into the office Sister Graff handed me two packages!!!! Thanks Parentals!!!!! Also, big shout outs to my Munchkins!!!! And the Reese's for writing me all the time, President Hilton,  Aunt Sue for the emails and the cute Easter card, Ann Pettit for the continual cuteness in the mail, Kim Osborne for the adorable package, Bailee Seguin for the letters, Randi Hulet for the cute letters,  bracelet, Denice for the cards, and so many others! I really appreciate all the support I am receiving via prayer, email, letters, packages, and love!  I need to be better at writing ya'll back.... I will work on it this week...hopefully:)  Oh anyways, back to Friday... we went and visited Sister Page and had a great discussion on the temple! I love that place!!!! Then we got stuck in rush hour traffic in downtown Mpls.....  I hate traffic. We get stuck in it too often if you ask me. We went after we picked up Sis. Zimmerman from Bloomington to have a lesson with Summer!!! It went fabulous, as usual.  Then Hope came to the church with Charity to have her Baptismal Interview!!!!!! IT WAS AWESOME! She passed!!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED #THECHURCHISTRUE!!!!!!! She set May 5 for her baptism! To top the night off, we had another lesson with Desirae and her kiddos tonight about the prophet. It was awesome!
Saturday, April 25, 2015:
    Today we did a ton of service. Saturday is definitely a great day to have people take us up on our invitation to help with any service they need. We went to “the girls” today to help Charity get ready to put their house on the market. She can't do all the stairs in their house, so they are looking for a one level instead of a three story. We helped put books in boxes, cleaned shelves, dusted, organized their movies and cd's, then we went through a bucket of socks to find any that matched. Next, we patched holes in the wall. That was really fun! We took a lunch break and went outside only to see hobos in the park. We called the cops because it is a private park and they should not have been there. It was fun to see them come get the guys!!!!! We finished the night by having a lesson with Mykea tonight using Jenga! It was great!
Sunday, April 26, 2015:
    Okay, where has the week gone?? Last night around 11:30, Charity called us saying Hope was in the hospital throwing up blood. She was really scared and asked us to pray with her on the phone. I couldn't sleep after that, so I stayed up and prayed for her. This morning we looked at our phone and saw that Hope was home and okay, she had pulled a muscle in her chest which caused her to have that weird reaction. The doctors said it was strange. Hope showed up at church with her sisters! Poor thing! She was so tired she fell asleep on me during sacrament. Apparently, she didn't get home till 4 am.  I told her to go home after sacrament meeting to rest. We had SEVEN investigators to church though, so that was really good.  We had an awesome Relief Society lesson by the Stake RS Pres. Sister Murphy. It was based on John 15:5; look it up!!!! Later in the day we went to Sarah's house to check up on her and the cutie had made us fondue!!!!! I love that kid. We went to Mykeas and had a lesson and lunch! We had dinner with the Krist family, it was fun, and it was nice enough

that we ate outside. Andrea Stark who is in my ward here asked if I knew people that danced.  Long story short figured out that she knows Madeleine and Chloe!!! So cool!!!! We went and visited the Kecks. They are fun to talk to. We shared a message and had a lovely time.
Happy Birthday to Ashley Schow!
Well I love you all. Thanks for all the support!!! I love you to the Moonisota and Back!!!!!!!!!
Sister Ashlee Young

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  1. Seriously I just posted a huge comment and it blew me off so just know we love you and admire your enthusiasm so much as you serve. They are never going to let you leave. Jean and I just returned from India celebrating 40 years of marriage (and YES jean is a saint :)! Have a great week Lucy
    Love you, TAYLOR and jean.