Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015 "Adventures & Miracles in the MMM with #young&hunt"

"I already have been out 5 months!"
Companion: Sister Hunt
Hometown: Mesa, Arizona

Snail Mail:
Minnesota Minneapolis Mission
5931 West 96th Street

Bloomington, MN  55438-1715

Dear Family and Friends,

Can you believe it?  I already have been out 5 months; only 13 to go mi familia! You can do it!!! I can't imagine how hard life must be without me?!? jk I love and miss ya'll but the MMM is taking good care of me:) This week has been so amazing I don't even know where to start with the Miracles & Adventures we have had! Let's just take it day by day and see how this method goes.
"We were Blown
 #stilllovecarrie #young&hunt

Monday, February 23, 2015:
   P-day is the best day! Why does it always go by so fast? Jk….. It's not the best day; but it is nice! I went and got my hair trimmed. It was very hard, but I needed to do it ... I had 2 inches taken off.  My ends were so dead.... anyways when we were done with P-day we went to see the girlies. They fed us dinner. It was a New Orleans jambalaya.  The girls even made gluten free for mi compenera. It was so good! They made it with beans, rice, veggies, some yummy spices, and some brat. It tasted delish!  We played some FHE games with the girls. We all just laughed our heads off ……we had so much fun! Probably too much fun considering how much we were laughing! 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015:
    The wind was blowing sooooooo hard! It was FREEEEEEEEEEZINGG!!!! We went and saw Sister Edgington. She asked us to help give her dog Ben a “tubby” so we did. It was kind of sad giving a different dog besides Maggie Moo a tubby. It just wasn't the same. It made me miss her a little bit. Then we went and saw Mom and that’s when the wind was literally pushing us back while we walked! It was CRAZY!  Then we had a very spiritual lesson with one of the “girls”. She is so ready to be baptized!

Wednesday:.... nothing too exciting just some “stop bys” with our peeps!

Thursday, February 26, 2015:
"Kiyomi, the Chocolate Lab"
 #puppywhisperer #only3monthsold #sheiswild
      Today we had district meeting. Sister Hunt and I gave training on commitments. We did a role play thing with ice cream and brownies. We brought some for everyone, but when we were doing our training, we didn’t share them at first; we just ate some in front of them. Everyone was so jealous of the food; little did they know we had some for them! After District meeting we have Bishops meeting with the coolest Bishop. Bishop Chrysler really is awesome! He makes us laugh and feel the Spirit all at the same time….. I love it! After all those meetings, we  (meaning us, the North and South Elders) were all starving so we went to Taco Bell. Always entertaining to be with the Elders! After that the South Elders (Ford & Fuller) followed us to a couple of potentials that we were passing off to them. It was soooo Cold!!!!! Then we taught the girlies again:)

Friday, February 27, 2015:
"Seester hunt with the puppy,
 Kiyomi the Chocolate Lab"
        So a couple of days ago Sarah Edgington (pronounced Sada have Bryan say it Portuguese)  called us and said "Sisters I have a friend who is interested in the gospel, WHAT DO I DO???" It was so dang cute!! We told her to have her meet with us. They talked to their moms and planned to have a sleepover on Friday. Friday rolled around and we went to Sis. Edgingtons house. We met Sarah and her friend there. They were so cute! They had been making cookies for us:) They both were so excited to have us over.   We asked this sweet girl how she had become interested in the church. She told us that Sarah always seems so happy.  She talks about how fun church is. She tells her about how much fun she has in YW. So let that be a lesson in “Every Member a Missionary!” #teamsistersarah! She said she has been looking for the Book of Mormon on Amazon.  Thanks to Sarah who told her not to get one; she had friends that would give her one! We just happened to be the friends who have one for her! When we gave it to her she “lit up” and immediately gave both of us a BIG HUG!!!!! She was so grateful.  She treated it so gently; it was really a tender mercy to watch. Then we taught her the restoration discussion. She was so moved, we invited her to be baptized and guess what? She decided to get BAPTIZED!!!! She set a date for March 28! We were so excited! She came to church on Sunday and had already announced to everyone she was getting baptized. She even asked President Stacey (Pres. Stacey is in the mission presidency, and lives in our ward) to baptize her! Sister Hunt and I were so thrilled to have such an amazing experience!!!!

Saturday, February 27, 2015:
"Hair train!"
      A day to remember!!!! One of the ladies in our ward's son died this past week.  They are Native American. We went to the funeral today to help out! It was at the All United Indians Nations Church in Minneapolis. Oh boy, I was not prepared for what was about to happen. I know I have the funeral business down, but I had no idea what was about to hit me! We walked in and they are all eating, drinking coffee, with a dog running around. The people are being loud and we are all sitting in a circle. He is in his casket dressed with a full Indian headdress. It was kind of cool. His mom cut her LOOOONNNG hair, and made it into a braid that she wrapped around his wrist. It is a tribal tradition. There was a big drum going the entire time with chants. At first it was neat but became annoying after a while! I was asked to talk when we got there... I was like what? Are you for reals?  I did it and it was good. Just felt strange having never met the dude. The lady minister had us repeat prayers and stuff after they burned sage. Then they had us fan the smoke from it onto each of us. Next, they passed tobacco around to each person who took a hand full. They pray with it and then throw it in the fire pit. I wanted to take a picture so bad of Sister Missionaries holding tobacco..... it smelled like poop. Then Bishop Chrysler gave a talk and man, oh man alive was it good! HE LAYED THE GOSPEL DOWN!!!! IT WAS SO GREAT!!!!! I really could feel the Spirit when he spoke. He shared things from the Book of Mormon and when he testified he related it to the Natives!! It was so powerful.  That Bishop has got it going on!!!!! After the service, his wife asked if she could have a Book of Mormon to put in the casket. We hurried out to the car to get a Book of Mormon. Everyone circled up to say bye to the body. Then we got back and went through the line. We basically were there all day. They even had us eat with them after. After, we cleaned up the church because that's what missionaries do!   Ooh, we also got to play fun loud instruments and sing a song!  Definitely something I won't forget!
Sunday February 28 2015:
"Hi poppy!!! I wuv you
 and your crazy hair..., am I your kid?"
After church a Sister wanted a blessing, so the Elders came with us to her house. While we were there, she asked if we could rearrange her furniture.  We and the Elders did it for her. It was fun playing interior designer! Later, we went to the Walkers and had some juice. They said they were so happy, because Sister Hulet called them! That was so nice to see how much it meant to them. We next visited Sister P. who said she is coming to church.  We then went to the K.’s for FHE. We played “prophets jeopardy” with the girls it was fun.  Oh, before I forget…. we had dinner with the K. family.  They are the definition of Minnesotans!!! They literally talk like "Oh yahhh" "don't ya know" "fer sure" "you betcha" "up north" "hot dish" "uffda" "out and about". It is so cute!  They showed us pictures of their cabin about 200 miles up north with a “sawnaah” (sauna) and showed us pics of the fish they caught… haha! Then they showed us their condo down on the beach in Florida. They said we can go when we get off the mish!!  That's all I got for ya this week folks. 
Love you to the Moonisota and Back!!!!!!!!

Sister Ashlee Young

"she hangs like that sometimes" haha!

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