Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015, "WOOHOO!!"

"This is Summer! She turned 22 on her BAPTISM/Birthday!"
People are shorter here in Minn., "I FEEL TALL!!"

Companion: Sister Hunt

Hometown: Mesa, Arizona

Snail Mail:
Minnesota Minneapolis Mission
5931 West 96th Street
Bloomington, MN  55438-1715
Hey Everyone,  
            I am so excited for Conference.  During October's General Conference I was in the MTC!!! It was the most wonderful thing I had ever experienced!!! I feel like a kid on Christmas waiting for conference this spring!! I am so grateful that we have modern technology available so that we can see it here in Minnesota :)

"Selfie, filling the font!!"
          This week has been amazing!!! Summer our wonderful investigator got baptized!!!! She is the first baptism that I have been able to be a part of in my mission!! It was truly a spiritual experience to see someone who I have been teaching for the past few months decide to make such a wonderful promise with our Father in Heaven. The Spirit truly touches those that are prepared to hear the gospel!!!! I am so grateful to be a missionary here in Minnesota and to be able to see the Holy Ghost touch these sweet people’s hearts!!! 

Monday, March 16: The exterminator came and got things taken care of! Thank heavens!!!! So after we emailed we went shopping. Next, we went to the global market which is a really cool place with different stuff from all over the globe...hence the name. Anyways, we got some really cool dresses that a lot of people wear here. They are so comfy!!! We call them our ‘African dresses’ but I think they were made in India..... We taught the girls tonight. That was lots of fun, as usual!
"Happy st. Patricks Day!"
Tuesday March 17: St. Patrick’s Day! I realized I don't own any green.... so I borrowed Sister Hunt’s green dress. She has a lot of green.... anyways I didn't get pinched. We went to Sister Edgington’s and helped her organize her kitchen. Oh my gosh, she is the best cook! I love Brazilian food.  I especially like beans, rice and meat. I don't know what she does to it to make it different, but it is so good!  We actually stirred plantains into our beans and rice, and it tasted really good! She also had me try some Farinha Lactea which is like Cream of Wheat, only better! Bryan you had good food on your mish!!!!! Desirae and the kiddos were next.  We had dinner with her, also Elders Ford and Fuller. It was so nice outside, so we played with the kiddos for a little bit. The Elders played soccer with the boys and we played with the little girls. It was so much fun. Anastasia, who is 4, loves the Elders. She wanted to say the opening prayer and blessed the Elders like 6 times ha,ha so cute! Then Tori said the closing prayer who is 2 which is just 
adorbs, and Anastasia kept saying remember to bless the Elders!!!! Little kids are so flippin cute!!!! We also taught Hope, who is preparing for Baptism!!!! We are so excited!!!!!
Cute Ann Pettit sent me a leprechaun letter with cuteness in it!!!!
Wednesday March 18:  Nothing too exciting happened. We just taught some of our peeps, and wore our new African dresses.  We got like a billion compliments, haha these things are great!!!! 
"Blazin Challenge-Elder Youngberg & Elder Ford"
Thursday March 19: Thursdays are when we have district meeting and bishops meeting. Always fun stuff, long, but fun. I gave the White Handbook Training during district meeting. I did it on relationships with others. I focused on ‘your relationship with your companion’. I thought it would be a good one since we are all loving our companionships that we are with :) Sis Hunt is just so amazing! Then we went to lunch at B-dubs, of course....  Elder Ford and Elder Youngberg did the Blazin' Challenge!!! It's where you have to eat 12 of their hottest temperature spicy wings in 6 minutes with no drink or napkin. If they make it they would get a shirt. It looked miserable to do. They had to sign a waiver before they did it!!!! Elder Youngberg was close but didn't finish, but Elder Ford finished and got a shirt!  Their faces were so red and puffy from the sauce!!!! That stuff was hot!!! The B-Dubs gave them a glass of milk for free and water, but they finished that in like 10 seconds. So without them knowing, I bought them another glass of milk. They were dying because their mouths were on fire.... kinda sad but at the same time it was really funny! The Elders and Brother Shaffer came to our apartment building and helped get rid of some furniture. That was nice to get that out of the apartment!
Friday, March 20!!!!: We went to ‘Feed my Starving Children’ today as a Zone. After we all went to Chipotle. It was funny seeing eight missionary cars with bike racks following each other. It looked so cool! A lady we passed kept flipping her head like what the???!!! Ha,ha!! After that we went to FILL THE FONT for Summer's Baptism!!!!! It was so cool!!!!! I loved the sound of water running in the Church!!!! I was so excited ahhh!!!
      A recent convert named Roger from the other ward who takes really good care of missionaries bought us some really good authentic Mexican food from Papitos!!! Then, Summer came and game on!!!!! We started taking pictures and it was so great to see how happy she was!!!! When everyone came her little sisters skyped Sister Hulet, Sister Smith and Sister Noe in who also taught her. It was fun to see Sis. Hulet; kinda weird though!  Sister Dearden gave a beautiful talk on baptism and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. Then Bishop Chrysler baptized Summer.It was such an amazing thing to see someone who I have been teaching for so long, enter into the waters of baptism!!!!! I teared up. Then we watched a Mormon message called ‘Earthly Father, Heavenly Father’ while she was getting dressed. We then shared our testimonies on being a child of God. Summer then shared a poem she wrote for her baptism. It was so cool!!!! Also it was her 22nd birthday, so it was double the fun!!!
Saturday March 21: We and the North Elders, Marvin and Jackson went to Sister Edgingtons to help clean her attic. She fed us breakfast and then we helped grab stuff since missionaries aren't allowed to climb ladders. She was up there handing stuff down to us, so that was good exercise to go up and down her stairs to the garage and attic opening. We then met up with Summer and went to the Stacey’s for lunch. They are just the best people ever!!!!! Then we taught Annika. After we taught her, Mary her mom wanted to take us out to TJ's Pizza which is a yummy hole in the wall place here in Edina. We got gluten free pizza, and had a great chat about the gospel!!!! Mary then bought me a 32 oz. Diet Coke for the road!  haha she is so nice!!!!
"Birthday Celebration for the Elders"
Sunday March 22: Summer got confirmed today by President Stacey!!!! It was such a cool experience!!!!!! We typed her confirmation up for her so she could have a copy and remember it forever!!!!! Today is Elder Fuller's 20th Birthday, so we made brownies last night and bought ice cream. At 4 we had a party with all the Elders. He was bashful about it being his birthday, but it was fun to celebrate anyways! He loves Elsa and Rapunzel, so we made him a picture frame with them in it haha, he loved it!!! We also got Elder Ford a T- Swift picture because he loves her. It was pretty funny. We told them not to be distracted by them!!!! We went to Sis. K's house for dinner with her twin girls! They are too cute! Then it started snowing hard core, which is a bummer. We ended by going to Sister Hill's and watching the Lamb of God with her. 
"Sister Twins!"  Love from Sister Forbes
We have had an amazing week, busy and amazing!!!!

Love you to the Moonisota and Back!
Sister Ashlee Young


"African Dresses!!"

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