Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015, “Bugs will bite, but it won’t stop us from doing what is Right!!”

"Summer's Baptismal Interview!"

Companion: Sister Hunt

Hometown: Mesa, Arizona

Snail Mail:
Minnesota Minneapolis Mission
5931 West 96th Street
Bloomington, MN  55438-1715

Hey Everyone,  
      The Lord truly has his hand in our lives; especially here in the Lake Nokomis Ward!!!! I am so grateful for the investigators he has blessed us with. He has led us to 4 of his precious daughters who are ready to be baptized and have set a date!!!! I am so excited…… I can't wait to help his daughter’s progress towards entering into the waters of baptism!!! I know that Heavenly father truly blesses his missionaries, and though I am not perfect I continue to strive to be the best missionary I can be for my Father in Heaven. I am grateful for this gospel, for prayer, and for the faith that the people here in Minnesota have to follow in the Saviors footsteps.

"Sarah & Annika, with me & Sister Hunt"
     So, we may or may not have seen a bed bug in our apartment and we may or may not have an exterminator in our apartment killing them right now.... Don't have a cow Mom…… I won't bring any home. But, we saw one last week and killed it.  I was flipping out; called the housing Elder in the MMM Elder Thompson and he got right on it. The landlord called the exterminator and he came the next day. They said they found some bed bugs but they were in the early stages of life and should be easier to kill. So today we had to get up at 5 am so that they could heat our apartment up to 140 deg. F' and spray to kill the little buggers. So rewinding to a few days ago, the Elders had to come to our apartment to move all of our furniture into the middle of the room, so that the pest people can do their job. So, we kept the rule of 3! Don't worry…… but it was soo funny seeing Elders in our apartment, haha! So anyways, we have slept on the floor the past few nights and man is that rough when you are a missionary!!!!! Last night when we got home we had to go through our apartment and fill boxes with stuff and label it; “Do Not Heat.” We stayed up cleaning until 1:15 am!!!! I don't remember the last time I stayed up that late. Then we got up at 5am to let the guy in!!!!! We were so dead to the world!!!!! So we have to leave the apartment we went and got breakfast at McDonalds, drove to the church and attempted to sleep on the couch.... now my neck hurts and we were both freezing!!!! So we gave up on that and here I am..... The Elders came to the church and just laughed at us because we had to put stuff in our car so it looks like we live out of our car. We told them how late/early we were up, we have ZERO makeup and our hair is well….. you've seen me in the am... they were cracking up with how tired we are!!!!!! So yeah, bed bugs “bite!” lol
"Original Arbys!"

       The Elders called us the other night. We were talking and said goodnight; and they were like “Don't let the bed bugs bite!!!” ooohhhhhh!!!!  I could’ve slapped them!!!! But, it was funny!! We saw the Lake Nokomis Elders a lot this week. We had lunch with them at Panda and that was fun. Last Monday the Saratov Approach was soooo good. It was weird watching a movie like that on your mission. I could understand how the Elders felt love for the person who wanted to kill them. It is kind of a bizarre feeling, but after I was so appreciative for my companion. Let me tell ya those Elders had the longest comp inventory ever!!! hahaha I am grateful; for Sister Hunt!  She’s da best!

     We had a miracle this week. Our Stake youth performed ‘Journey with Joseph’. It was a play about Joseph Smith.  It was so good.  We got to go and Heavenly Father blessed us immensely there. TWO of our ‘gators were IN the play and both set a date to be baptized! Summer is getting baptized this week and then ANNIKA’S MOM WANTS to get baptized too. We taught her yesterday.  She felt the Spirit and cried. She wants to learn more #thechurchistrue.

"Journey with Joesph, Summer, Hope & Shania"
      SO, YOU READ IT RIGHT….. WE HAVE 4 BAPTISMAL DATES!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE ON FIRE RIGHT NOW!!! Lake Noknomis is the best!!! President’s fireside was last night and I saw my MTC District there.  It was so fun to see my friends!!!!!! Sarah Edgington came and she is the sweetest thing ever!!!! Well, can you post Sister Hunts post too from this week? Hers will have more details and she said it would be okay to add it under mine :)

Love you all to the “Moonisota” and back!!

Seester Ashlee Young
"Cool Plane - for Bryan!"


"Package from Sister Hulet!"
"Annika & Sarah with us"


"Zone P-day, an apostate missionary....hahaha"

"Journey with Joesph"

"Lake Harriett"

"Reunited with my MTC District!"

"Elders in our apartment...Bed bugs!!

"Our Apartment - to be heated to 140 degrees!"

"Packed up and out and centered in the room"

"Zone P-day, the evolution of a Missionary!!"

"Zone Leaders, Elder Fuller Byme & Elder Ford" 

"How the Elders parked (crazy!) car is the gold one!"

"My eyes look scary!!  hahaha!"

"Elders at our apartment, helping clear it for exterminator!"

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