Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014 “With One Heart and One Mind, it’s Amazing who the Lord will help you find!”

Area: Stillwater Companion: Sister Kitterman                  

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

          It was another grand ol’ week in the MMM!  I love seeing all of the many mighty miracles each day as I serve here in the MMM!! Yesterday, Sister Kitterman and I had a plan to find some “potentials” in our area. While Stillwater is the name of our area, we get to cover more than just Stillwater. We also have Cottage Grove, Bayport, Hudson, New Richmond, Houlton and Marine on St. Croix. It’s a lot. (By the way,  the coolest site I have seen so far, is the St. Croix River frozen. It is pretty cool!)  It is the weirdest thing seeing not only frozen lakes but frozen rivers!  Since Sister Kitterman is from Arizona, and this is her first winter in MMM, she has never really driven in snow or on slippery wintery roads before.  She hasn't killed us yet, so keep on praying for our safety!  The wind is bitter here, bitter I tell you!!

          As we were both looking through the area book we came across an older couple’s name.  They are an older couple that the Elders were teaching in 2012.  The Elders notes said that they loved the restoration and that they were very nice. Anyways, Sister Kitterman and I didn't realize we were both reading about the Family when we both said at the same time; “let's go see the N. family!" That was so funny to know that Heavenly Father had given both of us a prompting to go and see them.

First Snow Day!! 11/10/14
           When we pulled up to their house we both felt the spirit very strongly. We said a prayer and went up to the door. In the driveway we noticed a bunch of telescopes, so we figured we could strike it up by talking about those!!! When we knocked, L. came to the door with their adorable puppy. When he saw our tags he knew exactly who we were! He was so happy to see us!!!! As we are talking with him we asked where K. was. He said that she passed away unexpectedly from cancer August 16. He then continued to tell us about his wife and how wonderful she was and how he has to understand that she isn't coming back. We felt so much love and concern for L. We knew that Heavenly Father and K, his wife had sent us to go comfort him in this difficult time. Since he had taken the discussions with the Elders he was familiar with the plan of happiness, he said that it brought him a lot of comfort. We then explained to him how he can be with K. for eternity. He lit up!! As we continued to talk about eternity he mentioned he was a scientist and eternity is just something he cannot wrap his head around; but then he shared his testimony without even knowing it!!!! We then shared our testimonies about our Heavenly Father's wonderful plan. I talked about my brother that passed away. We could truly see that the Lord sent us to him in his time of need. He is so ready to learn more!!!!

          After we prayed and left we prayed to our Father in Heaven and just thanked him so much for the miracle he had just given us. As we had a rough day on Saturday, (we weren’t getting along and we both were bugging each other; none of our appointments went through, so we were just grumpy idk…..just a bad day!) He truly let us know that he is always there for us. Later that evening, we got a text message from L. saying “I just want to say it was nice meeting you, and I enjoyed our visit tonight. Thanks for being here for me in this difficult time. Your message and prayers help me indeed. Keep following the Lord's lead. –L. " We were so happy to receive such an encouraging text!! We replied "We know that Heavenly Father & K. had a part in us meeting you today, and we look forward to seeing you! Heavenly Father's plan for you is perfect; He knows you and what you need. As does K.! We hope you have a great week and want you to know you are in our thoughts and prayers!!!" We are so grateful that we met Lon. We truly experienced a miracle.

         We followed up on a referral for a lady named Judy. She lives in the same building as Grandma S. and Sister V.  She has a tough life and we were able to teach her about the restoration. She was so accepting!  She loved it.  She also loves pink the color!!! We got along great!  She accepted our invitation to be baptized, which was cool……but we don't think she completely understood what we asked her. We have another appointment with her later this week. She is great, bless her heart.  

We also visited Sister V. Her son is training to be a Marine. She loves talking about him, her cat Pepper and going out with the Sisters.  Sister V. has long hair and wanted a haircut, so…… I did it for her hahahaha!  Oh my.  I got just a little scissor happy…… lol, lol! I cut 6 inches off and gave her a “bob”.  It looks so cute! I’ll send pics later. I also did her makeup and we got her to church on Sunday because I laid her outfit out for her. She looked adorbs. Sister V is da best!   During church your klutzy daughter broke the hymn book holder; haha! Oh gosh, idk….. how do you even do that?


           Sister M. showed me the pic and video you sent her. I started crying when I saw my baby! She looks so much like the other little turkey lurkeys. Speaking of turkey, I don’t get to email you on Thanksgiving, so here are the things I am grateful for: prayer, the Atonement, Jesus Christ, Heavenly Father, family, family, family, friends, Mission friends, mission people, Sis. and Pres. Forbes,  my area,  having a car, family, fireplaces, Diet Coke, family, deer ( which I had a dream about last night, and Maggie Moo) I miss my Muppy!

          Here are the rest of this week’s happenings. “Grandma Amis was transferred: (So was Elder Thacker and Elder Roose. Elder Young is our new District Leader. It is sad to have changes, but we will live. Leo’s is the cutest 50's restaurant in Stillwater. It is really yummy. It reminded me of Uncle Greg's chocolate shakes! It was almost that good.

I have got to go now.  I love you both. Thanks for all the packages!  I’m going to pick them up right now from the Elders!!!  Happy turkey day! I love you all and am grateful for you all do for me!!!!  Here is a quote Aunt Sue shared with me in her letter. “The things you take for granted; someone else is praying for.”  I loved that quote!!

Take pics! I love you!!!   Happy turkey lurkey day!


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