Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014...“Time flies when you are experiencing MIRACLES!!!!!‏”

Area: Stillwater, Companion: Sister Kitterman
“Time flies when you are experiencing MIRACLES!!!!!
Hi Everyone!    
Me with Sister Kitterman
@ Missionary Training Meeting
This past week went by so fast!  It hasn't snowed yet but is super cold! The basement apartment we live in right now never gets above 61 degrees summer or winter, but we will be moving to a new apartment December 1!!  I am still tired ha-ha, which is not going to change!  I’m fine, don't worry!  
We had a Fireside with our Mission President, a mission tour, and stake conference!!! Elder Carlson was the visiting GA, he gave us some great advice and challenged us to not simply listen to his message and take notes but, to identify the changes we are going to make in our personal and missionary lives.
President Forbes shared with us some great advice he had read recently in an article about prayer:
 “Although the Lord has promised to grant our righteous desires, I recently learned to look at prayer in a new way. “The miracle of prayer does not reside in the ability to manipulate situations and events.” Rather, the miracle is that we have a relationship with God and have the knowledge that He is there, that He loves us and desires to bless us. My prayers are more meaningful when I concentrate on other than just an intellectual acknowledgement or even an appreciative admiration of the Being I worship. Instead, I try to remember what I know about His attributes. When I am struggling to receive answers, I try to ask myself, “Do I understand that He knows my past, everything about me, and what I need to do?” He is the only one who knows the end from the beginning. My prayers take on new depth when I trust that perspective.”

Our most progressing investigator this week is an older Brother, who looks like Santa Claus in overalls!!! We finally pin pointed where his testimony is lacking strength. He hasn't been praying like we taught him to! So we printed off a talk by President Faust about prayer and we are going to share that with him. He is excited to learn about the gospel every day and loves to see what makes us "tick"!  The future is looking even brighter for this Brother and we are thrilled!!!!
A miracle that happened this week was in New Richmond.  Sister Kitterman and I went tracting. At the first door we knocked the guy was really rude and slammed the door in our face.  The second door we knocked, no one was home. Then we got to the third door, “The green house on Green Street” knocked on by a “Greenie”.  We knocked and the door opened. A man in his 30's lives there. He had just got home and was grabbing his wallet and was going to head out again..... Heavenly Father is truly amazing with his timing!!!!!!  We shared our message, and he was interested so we taught him the restoration. He grew up very religious, but said he has been lacking faith lately. He had really good questions throughout the whole thing, including "why a 14 year old boy?  We were so excited when he asked us. After we were done with the restoration he introduced us to his 7 year old son. The whole time I could just see this dad baptizing his son when he turns 8!!!  He invited us to come over anytime!! I invited him to be baptized and he said maybe, after he looked at me like I was crazy; I said, not today but in the future as you learn more and gain a testimony of Christ's restored church.  He nodded his head! Then we offered a prayer!!! We felt so happy that we followed the promptings of the spirit!!!
Another thing that I learned this week is that when we ask Heavenly Father something he is really there and he talks to us. I started a prayer journal and I could truly feel my Father in Heaven's love for me and all his children. I am so grateful for prayer and for the wonderful opportunity we have to pray to him any time we want!! I love being a missionary!!!!
Sister Young

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