Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014 ...It's SOOOOOOOO COLD!!!!

Area: Stillwater  Companion: Sister Kitterman


Hi Everyone,
This week has been one to remember in the MMM!!! Our 13 year old investigator committed to a baptismal date on December 13! It was so neat to experience someone accept to enter into the waters of baptism. It couldn't have gone more perfectly. We had the lesson at a Sister in the Hudson Ward’s home with her two kids, who are all members. This sweet sister was able to bear her testimony to our investigator about how the Gospel has helped her and her family’s lives. The spirit was so tangible; I will never forget the feeling I had there. Later in the week we went to the BFF’s house of this Sister; her BFF isn’t a member. She's great, and we went to her house to have dinner with all the chiddlers. It was so fun! We walked in and Celine Dion Christmas music is playing….. I almost started to cry I was so happy!!! Then she is addicted to DC so she handed us all one! I loved it, her house felt more like a “normal” Utah house than other homes I have been to in Wisconsin or Minnesota. It was fun; we sang, talked and I shared a pic with them of Mom and Aunt Sue that I love.  I told the two ladies that they reminded me of you two. Fun stuff!  What is up with people in Minnesota and Wisconsin with cats??? Seriously, everyone has a freaking cat; I hate cats! I am allergic. Stupid. Anyways the song “What Heaven Sees In You” from EFY 2005 was so great to listen to!
Brother “Santa” (he looks like Santa) is still progressing! He came to 2 hours of church yesterday!!! It was Hudson’s “ward conference” so we got the opportunity to have President Lash and Bishop Searle speak to us. They were so in tune with the spirit and this brother’s needs. Heavenly Father is just waiting for him to get the courage to accept the truth of the gospel. After Sacrament meeting President Lash and many others came up to this Brother and introduced themselves. We were so happy to see that he felt loved and welcomed in the Hudson Ward!!!!
On Tuesday we went to Cottage Grove to go on "Blitz's” I was Grandma Amis' companion (Sister Amis) and Sister Kitterman was Sister Pao's companion. A Sister I really like went with us. She loved it! She is less active, we had her make a happy wall and write things that make her happy on sticky notes. Sis B. has one too, she loved it!  Every time we see her we help organize her house.  We are trying to help her get her stuff together. We felt prompted to talk about the sacrament and the importance of it…. renewing our covenants with Heavenly Father each week. I know that the spirit spoke through Sis K and me.  We invited her to FHE tonight and she’s coming!  We also invited her to church and she is coming`!! We are so happy; she is a miracle! Remember to make your own "happy wall" and look at it every day. Also, remember the importance of sacrament.
We had such a great time! Then I met the most Christ like lady.  She has had many trials but she doesn't dwell on them. She turns outward. I know that is one of my weaknesses that I have to continually work on. We also met this cute “Grandma" and her granddaughter who is going to be baptized next week. We helped Grandma clean/ organize her extra bedroom. She was so grateful to have us get that burden off her shoulders. Fun fact about Grandma's house: Grandma's cat, Casper, is older than me!!! It was born May 27, 1995 and I was born September 12, 1995. I couldn't believe that thing was older than me!!!!
Anyways Grandma gave me a list of "homework" to do to help me become a more consecrated missionary. I am going to work on pride. Pride comes in many different forms, but it is something everyone in the world has to continually strive to do. I also am going to continue to write in my prayer journal so I can gain an even closer relationship with my Father in Heaven. I accept the challenge to write in a grateful journal every day. I know that as I do this it will help me turn my heart to the Lord.
Sister Young

PS: Did I mention Grandma S. fed us RIBS?  Bro. “Santa” also fed us, shrimp at Applebees!  Another investigator fed us spaghetti……. no one gives us spaghetti. They all think we eat it all the time, but we never do!!!
 (We (mom & Dad) asked in our letter if the Minnesotan’s have accents, or use different phrases) Here is her answer:  Ha, ha, you betcha I think I am starting to talk weird uffda!!!! I am going to have to go in a minute….. I love you both to the “Moonisnowta” and back!!!

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