Monday, November 10, 2014

SNOW!! & “A Week full of many Mighty Miracles!”

Area: Stillwater, Companion: Sister Kitterman
November 10,2014

Hello Everyone!
Today we are grounded from going outside because it is the first snow and it is icy on the roads. It is s-o-o cold; I think the wind could kill you if it really wanted! Hahaha! There is no way my companion and I would ever make it to downtown Stillwater on a bike or on foot! Lol!
So instead I am sitting in the house with the laptop in front of the lake, wearing basketball shorts and my National Lampoon Christmas Vacation shirt with a “Frozen” blanket;  Elsa, Ana, and Olaf, emailing all of you! I will admit I miss normal clothes, I will never get used to skirts and dresses 24/7!
We went to Grandma Severin’s house this week; she is the cutest thing on the planet!!!! We are having lunch with her this week!!!!
We sorted through Stelzner’s burnt house, it was sad and spooky. (Not to mention dirty...) The only thing that wasn't destroyed was a picture of Christ, 2 Book of Mormon’s and one Quad!!! Crazy!!!
We went to the Watson’s for dinner and they told us how they met. We about died when they told us in front of the Zone Leaders some details about their romance! Hahaha! (They were so awkward!!!!!) Ahhhhhh, those Elders kill me……. but, I seriously love the Watson s!!!!
So I accidentally let Sister Travis's cat outside and I lost it. I chased it and scared it; I was dying! We looked all night. It finally came back thanks to a lot of prayers. I hate cats, everyone in Minnesota has a dang cat, and I don't understand it. I really miss my Maggie-moo; I really don't like other animals.....awkward.  Sister Kitterman locked me out in the snow; we got some pretty good pics that I will send you.  
This week has been full of many mighty miracles!!! Our investigator that seems to be making the most progress is Brother B. When we meet with him we go over his reading assignments in the Book of Mormon and the thing that impresses me most about him is that when he reads the Book of Mormon he doesn't just read it he studies it!! In his book the margins are full of questions and comments!!! As we go over his questions we answer his questions and we try to “ask him” inspired questions. I feel that when my companion and I teach Brother B. we truly teach in unity.
We stopped by to see him last night, and he was surprised to see us. We talked to him about the Book of Mormon and we read a little bit with him. As we were reading we started talking about prayer. We asked him if he has been praying like we taught him to. He said that he hasn't, so we felt inspired to tell him to kneel down and pray right there with us, and ask Heavenly Father if what we were teaching him and what he has been reading is true?
We then read Moroni’s promise. The spirit was so strong that when he ended the prayer we all just continued kneeling there in silence. We asked him how he felt and he said: "well, I feel something that wasn't there before" and we asked him to explain it and he couldn't so we read Galatians 5:22 and asked him if he felt any of those things, he said yes he did.
          We then explained to him why it is so important to pray and have that connection with Heavenly Father. We invited him to pray like that every day so he could have that feeling again. I know that as he “SINCERELY” prays and reads the Book of Mormon he WILL KNOW that this church is true.
I know that sincere prayer works and Heavenly Father hears our prayers and sometimes we don't recognize his answers but, if we really focus on the spirit, we pray for guidance, we will know what he is telling us. I am so excited to see Brother B. this week and follow up on his progress.
We are going to Mama Monicals for Thanksgiving!!! She’s “da best!” She feeds all 3 teams of missionaries, I love her!! I stay warm with my electric blanket from my Babies! We will be moving on December 1 to apartments! Mom the mission office ladies all gave me big hugs from you!!


Sister Young

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