Tuesday, October 28, 2014

"Meet the Mormons!"

October 28, 2014

 “Meet the Mormons”


        We saw “Meet the Mormons” with Sister Brooks, Sister Vang , Brother Brack and the Osborne’s! It was so fun! We went to dinner at McDonald’s because Sis. Brooks is playing monopoly.  Then we went to the theatre. It was so exciting it felt like it was Christmas! We felt kind of weird there.  Haha! It was strange being in a really normal place. “Meet the Mormons” was amazing. I liked the second part with the football team. When they did a fly over I thought of Bryan, the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels. It gave me chills, hahaha! The last part about the missionary mom made me bawl.  I wanted my mommmmmyyyy so bad!! Seeing SLC, the airport, Snowbird and my LCW canyon, I just couldn't help bawling. I said “those are my MOUNTAINS!” I miss those things; it's weird not seeing them. I’m lost without them.
         A sweet lady was baptized Saturday! It was so great to watch that!! She is a mother of 4 kids. Her oldest is 9 and wants to be baptized. We hopefully will be able to teach her this week.

        Oh wait! The police were called on us, hahahahahahah. We were at a less active member’s home and knocked. When the man came to the door and saw it was us, he literally slammed the door in my face!  I was so ticked off. When I got into the car, I was yelling “that rude old man; he was so rude!” hahah. His neighbor apparently doesn't like Mormons either, and came over by the car and was taking our pictures, then wrote down our car license. He waited for the police and talked to them when they came. Can you believe it? Calling and talking to the police for no reason at all. Some people….. it is hilarious here. Anyways they all love to talk!

 “I wanted to share with you some great counsel President Forbes sent to us below”.

President Forbes:

“This past weekend, Sister Forbes and I had the opportunity to spend some time with Elder Golden at the Rochester Stake conference. It was a wonderful experience to spend time with him and feel of his spirit. One of the question Sister Forbes asked him was – What should we be teaching the missionaries? His response was - Teach them to become disciples of the Savior Jesus Christ.
The primary purpose of our earthly existence is to prepare to meet God and inherit the blessings he has promised to his worthy children. The pattern for how we prepare was set by the Savior during his earthly ministry.
The following has been written about discipleship: “The word disciple comes from the Latin [meaning] a learner. A disciple of Christ is one who is learning to be like Christ—learning to think, to feel, and to act [like] he does” (Ensign, Sept. 1974, 81).
As “set-apart” ministers of the Savior, our lives reflect His example. May God bless each of you as you earnestly follow the Savior Jesus Christ.”

Week 1 Oct. 15-20, 2014 Report:

 I am so happy to finally be in MMM!!! I have been waiting a long time to be here and to serve the people of Stillwater!!! One of our 6 Progressing Investigators is a cute older Brother who looks like Santa Claus in overalls!!!! As Sister Kitterman and I met with him this past week I was so impressed how he studied The Book of Mormon. He doesn't just read it, he studies it. He writes in the margins, asks a lot of questions and is very accepting of the spirit. I believe that this week we will invite him to be baptized, I feel confident that he is ready to make that promise with the Lord. 

When you invited all the new missionaries to invite someone to be baptized in the first 24 hours we were in MMM, I was scared out of my mind!! I thought I wasn't ready to ask someone, but I knew that is what you had asked of me and what the Lord has essentially asked me to do. Therefore as Sister Kitterman and I went tracting, we had a prompting to go to an elderly woman's house. When we knocked I was really nervous. When she opened the door, Sister Kitterman started teaching about the restoration. I helped a little but I was really nervous. As it came time to invite this Sister to be baptized I said a prayer in my heart; and I extended the invitation. She politely declined but she did say she was going to read the Restoration pamphlet and pray about her experience! We are definitely going to go back there this next week!  I pray that she will be home and will be open to the spirit.

I have learned a lot of things this week. The field is very different then the MTC!! I love Stillwater but I do miss My Utah Mountains!! I have learned that prayer is really the key in this work and without prayer we can't have the spirit to be with us. I know that my Father in Heaven is with me and that he hears my prayers and he answers them, all I have to do is kneel and listen.

Week 2 Oct. 21-27, 2014 Report:

Stillwater has been great this week! On Saturday our investigator was baptized!!! She is a mother of four kids. Her oldest daughter, who is 9 wants to get baptized! We will hopefully start teaching her this next week!!! Our other investigator is 12 years old. She committed to and is following the Word of Wisdom! It was really hard for her to give up coffee but she is doing it! We are hoping that she will commit to a baptismal date this upcoming week!! 

Besides this sweet sister being baptized we had another miracle! We found a new investigator who is also a woman. She has been looking for a church that is for her. She has seen the Mormon commercials and felt really happy when she watched them. When we came to her house she let us in. We invited her to be baptized and she said she didn't want to commit to a specific date but she would be willing to be baptized!!! It's amazing how the Lord helps his missionaries find those who are preparing to hear the gospel. Heavenly Father truly amazes me!!!

Did I tell you Sister Travis taught me to crochet? Yeah, I am sending home something I made!! Happy Birthday Dad, Ammon and Mom past, present and future! I love you all; remember to pray often the Lord is always with you.


Sister Ashlee Young

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  1. Aw Ash! It is so fun reading about your experiences. It made me laugh reading about the grumpy old guy who called the cops. That just provides more people for you to talk to - right?! Anyway, those experiences create great memories and a greater appreciate for the sweet, tender moments!
    I know what you mean about missing the Utah mountains. I sometimes still get disoriented. I get awe-struck every time I go back!
    We pray for you every day. You are where you are supposed to be! Keep the faith!
    Love, Aunt Leslie