Saturday, October 11, 2014

"Apple of Our Eye!!"

"Apple of our Eye!!"

October 11, 2014

Our goal at 4:20pm Saturday October 11, was to be able to get the greatest "Honey Crisp Apples" prior to closing  from Allred's apple stand, a couple blocks from the MTC.  Arrived a couple minutes after 5pm, so Dee sweet talked them into letting us buy a box if he helped push their cart in!

Feeling a bit melancholy and caught in the Stadium traffic, and being so close to the MTC, we circled around just to drive by and reminisce.  There is no way we would ever see her, there are just too many missionaries and she would be at dinner at this time of day/night.

We are driving and seeing various groups of missionaries, and much to our surprise there is a group of tall Elders that looked familiar. They were walking from the activity field across the parking lot.  There were Sister Missionaries with them. A"short sister" with dark hair in a pony tail occasionally seen between cars,  then a taller Sister with curly hair, that looked like a picture we had seen of Ashlee's group. Really rubbernecked, and saw it was her, "Ashlee with her District!"

Dee quickly flipped a "U" turn and we thought don't say anything, act casual and watch, just then as Ashlee approached the crossing walk and we were pulling up to the left had turn lane, she looked at traffic to cross the street. DOUBLE TAKE, "DAD!!" (we were in the convertible)  "What are you doing here!" 

Proceeded with left turn and flipped another U turn! Then we were in the outside lane right next to the crosswalk!  "We really are here, just buying apples, see!" (Holding apples up)  Then an Elder came and introduced himself, shook hands and said "I'll have one of those."  Sister Young, being barefoot, dropped her shoes, ran to the car, gave a big hug and kiss to mom and a big hand squeeze across the car to dad, took an apple and ran back to the cross walk.  "I JUST BROKE A MISSION RULE!!",  she yelled.  Her district all waved, we proceeded with our left hand turn as they crossed the street, as other Elders had us throwing apples to them!

It truly was innocent, and the stars had to be aligned perfectly for that 30 second window! Felt bad (for just a minute) that we contributed to her breaking a rule, but that was quickly replaced with great excitement, comfort and smiles that we actually saw her. It was truly what we needed for what was ailing us! It happened so fast, like driving the opposite way of a parade, we didn't even get a picture!

The "light emanated" from her, it would literally be the last time we would see her....... proud parents.

Side note: Monday October 13, we received a short little note in the mail that Ashlee had wrote on October 9, and mailed October 10 that said "I could sure use a hug!" Sometimes prayers are answered literally!

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