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Sister Young's "First Letter" October 7, 2014

Sister Young's "First Letter" on her "First P-Day"....
October 7, 2014

1st Month...... I mean Week at the MTC!!!!


Ahh this week has been so crazy!! I can't believe how time changes when you are in the service of the Lord!!! After you guys dropped me off I was like alright, where's my name-tag? Let's get to work!!!!! After I got my keys and all the crap you need she took me to my residence (apartment)  We dropped my bags off and went to my class!! That is where I met my wonderful district!!!

 I can't even explain to you how much I love these Sisters and Elders!!! They are the best!!!! We are so connected and we love each other so much!!! I then met my companion Sister Turner!! She is the cutest thing ever!!! She is from Hyde Park Utah (Logan area) she played lax at USU!!! She is truly an amazing person and she has strengthened my testimony so much!! I know I get on her nerves; but she is working on patience and I am working on everything, lol!!!! The other 2 sisters in my district are Sister Woolley (blonder hair!)and Sister Sullivan (brown short curly hair)!! They are amazing! They are going to Illinois, Chicago West!! Sis. Woolley is from San Diego and she went to school at BYU! She is a blast!!!! We are extremely similar in our personalities and in our girly pink and sparkle style!!! Sister Sullivan is from Draper and she is so Sweet!!! She is more quiet and reserved but when she speaks she speaks with wisdom and knowledge of the spirit!!! Our elders are da bomb!!!!!!! I'm not joking either!!! Elder Esquivel is from Pleasant Grove and he played lax so Sis Turner and I get a kick out of talking to him, he's a people person, he LOVES TALKING! He is the one with darker skin and brown curly-ish hair. Elder King is from Herriman, he builds rockets, he is way smart, he's our Rocket Boy from October Sky!!! He is the one with glasses and is tall and skin and bones with brown hair. Elder Oliver is from Arizona! He was very quiet the first day but we cracked him out of his shell! He is still more reserved but hilarious at the same time! I have some good stories about all of them but you would die laughing if you saw some of the faces this Elder makes!!! He is tall and skinnyish with blonde hair. Then there is Elder Lowe.... he is the farm kid from Idaho Falls, he is HILARIOUS!!! He loves cheese and he loves potatoes, that is seriously what he talks about hahaha!! He is the short blonde one!!! He has the best Sister missionary voice impressions we die laughing at him!!!
 Anyways, on your first day they stick an orange sticker dot. on your name tag and everyone says "Welcome to the MTC!!!" Apparently the stickers are known as dork dots...... Our Elders took their dork dots off and we left ours on for the day because we liked people being so nice...haha so funny! Then we put them on the back of our tag to remember we were all dorks one time. Seriously people are so nice here!!! The spirit is everywhere,  it's like the plague!!! Speaking of the plague this place is germy. Everyone and their dog is freaking sick!!! It's nasty!! I have had a cold the whole time and now we are starting to all get a cough... joy. But we study through the blowing of noses and sneezing and we use hand sanitizer like no other!! We also eat my Disney mints like they are crack or something. That is how we all stayed awake after sitting in a hard chair for conference all weekend. Sitting is a literal pain in the butt. We just want to stand up!!!

Oh my gosh!  The diet coke is caffeine free.... eeewwwww. I miss ice! There isn't ice anywhere except for the cafeteria. I want some ice but I have to wait for MN to get some of that! The food.... is sure special. I will leave it at that.

Another reason that my district is the best is that we have IPads!!! We are one of 2 districts, I am one of four sisters with  an IPad in the MTC!! We are soo blessed!!!! So,  we are the guinea pigs and if we mess up then we mess it up for all missionaries, ha,ha no pressure!!!! I love the IPad though, its so convenient and we take a lot of pics on there!! Missionaries are always ticked when they see us with them.

I can't believe how quickly people are learning languages here!! Its crazy!!! The lord works in mysterious ways. Another thing that is kind of humbling is that I have been called to serve as a "Sister Training Leader."

So Sister Turner  and I have an investigator named Paul, he is divorced, has a 5 year old son and he just moved here from Nashville.  Before our first meeting with Paul Sister Turner and I prayed to study what we should teach him. We both kind of thought the Book of Mormon, but as we studied I had a strong impression to read a "Family Proclamation to the World!" As soon as I read it I told Sis. Turner that I felt like we needed to teach him about families.  We prayed about it and the prompting was confirmed to me and revealed to Sister Turner. We felt a real connection with our Savior then we decided to plan our lesson.
When we went in to meet Paul for the first time we knelt and prayed before hand to see our teacher as "Paul" and not as Brother Barton. When we knocked it was not Bro. Barton.... it was Paul. I don't know how to explain it,  but a miracle happened. Heavenly Father hears our prayers and answers our sincere desires..... even the smallest thing as long as we are sincere he will answer us. We got in there and Paul really opened up to us. We talked to him about prayer, the plan of happiness, and the Holy Ghost. We also talked about forever families. With him having a 5 year old son I felt prompted to share my testimony about Riley. He really connected with that and felt the spirit. Thank you Riley!! We didn't ask him to be baptized ( we should have) and we are ticked we didn't...... but he committed to read and pray and go to church!!! We met with him again and he had gone to General Conference and then we showed him the video "Because of Him". That is such a wonderful video!  I don't' care who you are,  that video inspires anyone who has a heart. We committed Paul to be baptized !!! We are so thrilled!!!!

We have another investigator named Devan. We struggled with her,  but we committed her to pray about the Savior. We meet with her Wednesday.

My testimony has been strengthened so much with the power of prayer. I know that our Heavenly father hears and answers our prayers and that he loves us dearly!!! My district prays on our knees every day and we kneel to pray everywhere here. I love it. I love the gospel. I love my district and companion. I love letters,  send more please. I get to read Dear Elder letters every day but I don't  get to respond until P-day which is Tuesday!! I can't wait to write more, but there is not enough time in the day.

I love you all dearly!!
Lots of love,
Sister Young

"Our MTC District Elders!"

"Our MTC District Sisters"

"My First Companion Sister Turner"

"Sister Young" and "Sister Turner"

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