Monday, February 22, 2016

February 22, 2016 "Miracles are coming out of the woodwork!”

Area: Bloomington Minnesota
Tripanion 1: Sister Sorrel Dumas
Hometown: Mission Viejo California
Me, Sisters Binns, Whitney, Dumas, & Steadman at Church

Triapanion 2: Sister Abriel Steadman 
Hometown: Boise, Idaho
Snail Mail: Minnesota Minneapolis Mission
5931 West 96th Street
Bloomington, MN  55438-1715


Hey Everyone!
Hope ya'll had a good week! This was probably one of the longest/fastest weeks of my entire life! Tuesday we went on exchanges with the Eden Prairie Sisters. Sister Myers who is new this transfer came here with Sister Dumas and I. We had dinner at the Dumas families home (it's funny there's my comp and this family with no relation to one another and the same last name!) she got permission for the Cambo elders and us to all be there at dinner so that was fun. We saw a really cute puppy it was a labradoodle! It looked like a little teddy bear! Anyways we had a good lesson with them.
We went to the Pesante's home, who is a part member family. Brother Pesante is so awesome! He is from El Salvador, but lived in Virginia most his life and let me tell ya, his southern accent is soo thick lol, it is awesome! He kinda reminds me of Dad because he never shuts up lol! He had a lot of great things to share so that was cool! The spirit was super strong even though no one could get a word in, ha-ha! We finally shared the message of the Restoration and the spirit was amazing! I could tell Sister Pesante (who is not a member) was really touched by the testimonies we all shared of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
We then had an appointment with Sister Malone whom I haven't met before, she was so awesome! I was so grateful that I was able to testify of Jesus Christ as we read out of the Book of Mormon! We had dinner with President Beecher and his family the next night and it was so fun they were finishing cooking dinner and we played with their kids and made a frozen puzzle! So, that was fun! They made this super delicious tilapia dish! I have to get the recipe! Anyways we shared a dinner message solely on the Savior. They are such an awesome family. They testified of Jesus Christ and they shared their Family Mission Plan with us which was so awesome! They had names and everything for people to help, even the kids had names!
So, anyways we had this awesome experience where the Lake Nokomis Elders called us and gave us a referral for a man named Stephen. Brother Murray in their ward had met him at work and Stephen had some weird prompting to ask him if he was a member of the church! Long story short they exchanged info and Stephen just so happens to live in Bloomington! We were ecstatic when the Elders called us! Finally, our prayers and fasting were being answered! We decided to call him and set up an appointment! He answered and we told him who we were and he said "Oh, are you here?" Freaking out in silence we said “no”, but we wanted to set up an appointment he wanted us to come as soon as possible woohoo!
Thursday we had district meeting in the morning, which was great, it was super weird though because they kept talking about the end of your mission and dying, and they would look at me every stinkin time! At the end Elder Badders asked me to share my testimony on how being a diligent missionary has blessed me. I may have teared up a bit in it because it was like I was giving my departing testimony :(  I only have one more district meeting possibly 2 on my mission! Anyways, I am so grateful that I have been able to learn diligence as I have been out, it is hard to be diligent but the reward far outweighs the price! Oh, and we were now on exchanges with the Minnetonka sisters and Sister Turner came here with Sister Dumas and I so we could give them a little bit of a helping hand in their companionship.
 Back to Stephen! We went to his house and shared the most amazing restoration I have had in a while! He took notes guys! That is so unusual! He was asking questions and was so intrigued! At the end we invited him to be baptized and he said yes! He said he knows the Book of Mormon is true! We were able to promise him some boss blessings as well! We then invited him to say a kneeling prayer and he said such an awesome prayer it was insane!
(He moved here from Zambia in 2002 and has lived in Georgia, Montana, and Oklahoma and moved here from OK a few weeks ago for his job and he got laid off) We know that the Lord needs him to be here and that he will find happiness and success in his life here in Minnesota as he comes closer to the Savior! At the end of this heart felt prayer that he gave, he apologized to us for it being so long! Oh my gosh we just about died! How cool is it that he said a long prayer!?! We told him there was no need to apologize that it was directed by the spirit and it is okay to talk to Heavenly Father! So that was like the coolest thing ever! Guys I am so stoked! He shines with the light of Christ so brightly!
After the greatest lesson ever we went to our Book of Mormon study class at the church! It went okay, some bible bashing accidentally occurred so that was no Bueno....  it was fine after the class when concerns were sorted out with the spirit.
Friday we had VEAP which again was wonderful, there was some rank broccoli and mushrooms so that made me gag, other than that we had a great time with the gals! I can really tell they feel the spirit which is great! 
We then exchanged back and then exchanged with the Richfield Hermanas! Hermana Hiatt who came out with me but is dying next week because of her transfer in the MTC, came here with Sister Dumas and me! It was really fun! She is so stinkin cute I can't get over it! I love her to pieces! We went to dinner at the Erickson’s where we had classic Minnesotan Chicken and Wild Rice soup! It was yummy!
While waiting we all did the little cup song pattern thing! It was fun! The dad was at work but, the mom was here and her 4 sons! The oldest 3 were super fun to talk to but man that youngest kid was insane! He was off the walls! So, that made our lesson a little harder but, it was still good because we did the imagine Christ for 30 seconds activity and the spirit was very strong!
We then went to my favorite ladies house Sister Binns! We wanted to invite her to the Cambodian Elders baptism tomorrow night for Ry and Chandara! We went inside and we all talked and she is so awesome! We also shared the “imagine the Savior” activity with her and she pointed out how strong the spirit was! It was really neat! I just love her to pieces!
We then went to the Woodbehnke's home and shared a message on repentance which went really well! They are a nice family. Finally our companionship was put back together! Exchanges are done! Saturday we had a meeting with our ward mission leader and his assistant Brother Dunkley and Brother Christensen, to talk about people’s family mission plans. Sister Dunkley made us wheat banana pancakes and their little girl that calls us the princesses kept telling us how much she loved us! It was adorable! She also talked about the temple in her cute little teeny voice! Ahhh! So cute!
Anyways we stopped by to see President Forbes to snag an interview with him and that went well. I pray that I can stay in Bloomington my last transfer. If you would so kindly send that suggestion upwards it would be much appreciated! P-Forbes is awesome!
Oh it was super sunny today as well and so we were stoked! We then went to Ry and Chandara's baptism and Stephen came! It was so cool! It was a different baptism because Elder Nang had to translate everything but it was super awesome! Afterwards we had a Cambodian feast which was super good! I have no idea what we ate but that is okay it tasted yummy! Stephen made a lot of friends and Bishop invited him over to his house for FHE so we are looking forward to that!
Sunday we started off with our meetings and when it was time for church guess who walked in the door!?!? SISTER BINNS! Ahhhh! I was so excited! She came to hear Sister and Brother Whitney talk! It was so great! Then Stephen walked in!!!!! Everyone was talking to him which was great! Ha-ha he probably knows more people than us! Jk! He loved Elders quorum which was good!
Oh and I said the closing prayer in sacrament, the other lady didn't show up and bishop called me up... that took me by surprise ha-ha! Anyways, he had a great time at church it was a little overwhelming but he still wants to learn more! For dinner Sister Steadman went all Holly Homemaker and made us fried chicken and scalloped potatoes and corn! It was delicious!  I am so grateful that prayer works. I know that the Lord truly has our backs and that we just need to trust him and he will bless us!
I hope ya'll have a great week!
Love you to the Moonisota and Back!
Sister Young

"Love should be our walk and our talk." -President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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