Monday, February 15, 2016

February 15, 2016 " Happy Valentines Day!!"

"Happy 21st Birthday Sister Steadman!"
Area: Bloomington Minnesota
Tripanion 1: Sister Sorrel Dumas
Hometown: Mission Viejo California
Triapanion 2: Sister Abriel Steadman 
Hometown: Boise, Idaho
Snail Mail: Minnesota Minneapolis Mission
5931 West 96th Street
Bloomington, MN  55438-1715

"Sister Nightingale"
   Hope y'all had a good week and a good Valentine's Day yesterday :) This week was a little bit different but, the lessons I learned will stay with me forever<3. Tuesday we had specialty zone training in Lakeville, so that was good.  We had just your usual training's on Safety, Consecration, and one on Urgency! It was good; those things are always really long winded though! Sister Steadman and a few other missionaries did a musical number that was quite magnificent, if I do say so myself! Later that day we were able to go to dinner at our ward mission leader's house, the Dunkley's.  He is a Pilot so that is pretty legit.... They have 2 little kids and their daughter who is 2 is teeny tiny! She is so cute.  She kept calling us beautiful princesses and gave us hugs! We all wanted to hold her really bad! Anyways we shared a story called "A potato for the teacher" It is so good guys! You have to read it but, the moral of the story is that we need to listen to our promptings and we need to serve when we receive the prompting. It doesn't have to be extravagant. We need to follow the example of this little girl and give what we have with all of our heart. It also reminds me of Pres. Uchtdorf's talk in conference about simplifying. As we listen to the still small voice of the Spirit we will be able to help bring others and more importantly ourselves closer to the Savior. Oh hold up I forgot we had FHE with the Jensen Family. Their baby is the one that reminds me of Aaron. It was so fun to be over there! We talked about the Holy Ghost and we did the glove thing and their kids ate it up!

Wednesday was Sister Steadman's 21st Birthday! We started off the day by dropping our car off at the Ford dealership for another dang re-call. While waiting for our ride to come save us we ran over to Starbucks in the -30 weather and as we were hustling over I biffed it on the dang cement! Oh my gosh, it hurt so bad. I got a nasty bruise, huge scrape on my legs and knee! My knee started to swell within minutes! I was so ticked! So we walk in to Starbucks to get hot chocolate for Sister Steadman's birthday.  Sister Dumas and I didn't really want one so we sat down while Sister S. grabbed hers. Little did we know the stinker bought us both Hot Cocoa on HER birthday! It was so nice of her! We got in our ride’s car and headed to the church. I took a sip of it and it was DISGUSTING! They messed up our order and gave us Hot Molten Chocolate Latte's instead of Hot Molten Chocolate Hot Chocolate! We were so ticked for Pete's sake that stuff was nasty! So we turned around and went back and had them re- do it. They also overcharged us $4, so she got that refunded as well. Moral of this story; check your drink when you are at Starbucks. We then were stranded at the church. We had a training to give to the New Missionaries that afternoon on “STRIKE” We planned for that, went over to the mission home and ordered a pizza. Sister Steadman threw up!  We thought it was kinda funny since it was her 21st birthday……it was kinda ironic ha-ha! So, we gave the training and that went well.  I got to see my bro from Anoka, Elder Johnston and his greenie, so that was fun! We then had dinner at Sister Nightingale’s house. She made a cake for Sister Steadman's birthday! She does nail art for fun and showed us some of her pictures. It was sooooo coool! Any-who after that we had Bishop's meeting.  Elder Nang brought fresh cut mangoes for us all as a birthday treat! It was soo good! We also went to Feed my Starving Children to do service this week! It has been f o r e v e r since I have gone so it was really fun to go and serve! When we left we tried to find Sister Dumas's ti-wi card aka the card to let us drive in our car aka Satan in a box's log in thing. We couldn't find it anywhere.  We knew she put it in the cup holder but it was gone! We searched and searched and asked people, but nothing turned it up.  We decided to pray and still didn't find it, so then we were like well it's not here so I got in the driver’s seat with my ti-wi card.  For some reason I opened the sun visor and the mirror and HER CARD FELL OUT OF THE MIRROR!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, so God has a sense of humor because WE DIDN'T PUT THAT THERE! It was so crazy! I guess Heavenly Father needed to stall us for a few minutes for some reason! We said a thank you prayer and headed back to our area.

 So because Sister Steadman's birthday was a flop (for a lot of reasons that I just don't want to include) we decided to celebrate it again on Friday! We started the day by serving at VEAP.  We went through rotten cabbage….. so that was great fun... We had a reservation for the Cheesecake Factory for lunch afterwards! Sister Dumas had a gift certificate, so we were able to split 2 entrees. One was a spicy Chipotle chicken penne thing that was sooo good! We also had cheesecake which was delightful! I got the Salted Caramel Cheesecake.  It was the best! We then weekly planned and found out that we had a dinner apt. with a family! Oh gosh, we had to pray to be able to eat! We went to the Hartranth’s for dinner. They were pretty funny. They made banana orange smoothies and yummy tacos! We shared a message on the sacrament and the Spirit was so strong!  Saturday we had more planning because we didn't flipping finish. We were all starving and the gift card queen sister Dumas had a gift card to Chili’s.  So, naturally we went and had their delicious nachos followed by molten chocolate cake. Yeah, we were super healthy...not! But, it was so good! We had dinner with all the missionaries at Bishop Christensen's house. They made yummy salad, cornbread and Lion House Chili! It was super good!  After for dessert,  we had French silk and lemon merengue pie. The Elders were all being
kinda awkward and quiet which was weird and kind of surprising. C'mon people we are not robots! Bishop is really funny though, so he made it fun! We then went and saw Sister Binns! I just love her to pieces! She made us a delicious cake. We talked about a lot of stuff and then talked about “The Potato for a Teacher” because she is a teacher. She teaches 12th grade sociology, criminology and something else... anyways she is cool. Her daughter married a Seahawks player and she showed us their wedding book! It was gorgeous. So we were all trunky after being in her cute house and looking at her daughters dream wedding! I love Sister Binns! I really feel a connection with her and I hope I will be able to figure out how to help her feel God's love for her again.
So later that night after I said my prayers and climbed up into my tower/crib/bunk.  One of my comps was having a hard time.  The Spirit was like; “get out of bed and go write her a note and include 2 Nephi 5:11”. Okay, so I was kinda like I don't want to crawl out of my bed after I just got up here, and the Spirit slapped me upside the head! So, I climbed back down out of bed and went and looked up the scripture...the first part is great and is very encouraging. The second part was just funny, but I listened to the Spirit and put it anyways. Let's just say 2 Nephi 5:11 has been a running joke
since…… It is inspiring but funny, which is great:) Sunday we all got dolled up in pink and red for Valentine’s Day/Church! We had a lot of meetings.  We were able to discuss members in the ward and how we are going to start teaching them. We know this will help us to find more investigators.  It also will strengthen their relationship with Heavenly Father! So, we had dinner with the Vanderlouw family! They are so sweet! They made yummy Navajo tacos, fruit, veggies and for dessert they made strawberry shortcake, just like mom usually does!  They have 5 kids. They told us their stories of how they met, got engaged, the wife got reactivated and the husband got baptized. The kids told us about family vacations and all these wonderful memories. It was so cool to feel the love this family had for each other and the gospel. They shared an experience where they went to Liberty Jail and how when they got in the car the song “Praise to the Man” came on. They all bawled because the Spirit was so strong. We then did an activity where we closed our eyes and envisioned the Savior for 30 seconds. They each described a different picture. The Spirit was so strong!  I imagined him hugging me.  I was able to feel His love for me and everyone in the room. I just couldn't help but let a few tears out. Sister Dumas, Steadman and I sang “Savior Redeemer” and the Spirit was just tangible. We closed with a prayer and they were just so nice! We then talked about how we wanted our future families to be that close and down to earth.

Today during my studies I read about how our cute President Monson served so many people. The summary of my studies was to go after that one lost sheep. One person matters. That story of the Starfishes... you changed that one’s life. You gave it hope. We need to all serve one another and look for opportunities to serve our Brothers & Sisters.  I am so grateful that I have the honor of wearing Christ's name every day and telling people that they are loved. Have a happy week!

Love you all to the Moonisota and Back!

Sister Ashlee Young

2 Nephi 5:11 “And the Lord was with us; and we did prosper exceedingly; for we did sow seed, and we did reap again in abundance. And we began to raise flocks, and herds, and animals of every kind”.  
   Birthday celebration at the cheescake factory!
p-day waiting at the Doctors office

"Sister Dumas painting nails"
Zone conference

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