Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015 "The Power of 3!! "

Tripanion: Sister Hunt, Sister Zimmerman
"The Power of 3! Sister Young, Zimmerman & Hunt"

Hometown: Mesa, Arizona – Northern California

Snail Mail:
Minnesota Minneapolis Mission
5931 West 96th Street
Bloomington, MN  55438-1715
“The Power of 3 !!!”
Hey Ya'll!!!!!

Lots has been happening this week!!!! 

Monday April 13: 1 year and I will be home! How weird is that??? Today we got a call from President Forbes. He informed us that we would be receiving a new companion! Her name is Sister Emma Zimmerman. She has a hurt knee and is on crutches. She will be an office missionary during the day, but will be with us morning, night and on the weekend. We were both really nervous to have this change, but we prayed and knew that everything will be okay. 

Tuesday April 14: Today was a really busy day. We had to go to the apartment to help the office bring another bed into the apartment and to make room for our new comp! We went teaching with Elder Stacey to Annika's lesson. He is the! We talked about keeping the Sabbath Day holy and also his new calling as an Area Seventy. Read Luke 10! At least I think that is where it was...anyways it went really well! 

Wednesday April 15: This morning we drove to Bloomington to pick up Sister Zimmerman. We got there early so we listened to a talk by Elder Holland called;  “How do I love Thee?” It was really good I suggest you listen to it! He just has the best voice so don't read it. Watch it or listen to it! It was at a BYU conference I think....
"Elder & Sister Stacey"
     So when Elder "Fuzz" (Just for “Perrywinkle” lol….) and Elder Marshall Henrie, (the AP's) showed up we talked to them and they told us about a shoot-out that they saw this morning when they were working out. The story was pretty funny, but scary. Then we met Sister Zimmerman! We then headed to Interviews with President, which took a really long time! It was a really stressful day, to say the least. We went to see Sister Hill and she fell asleep! We were singing hymns, primary songs, snapping, and even clapping. She was out like a light. We were dying laughing! It was sad, but yet so funny! So, we said a prayer and finally we woke her up to lock the door!  We went to Desirae's to have the Elder's give her a blessing. She hasn't been doing well.  Please keep her in your prayers. 

"Elder Stacey, he is the BOMB.COM !!!!
Thursday April 16: Happy Birthday to Olivia and Savannah!!!! We had a lesson with Hope this morning.  It went really well.  We talked to her mom a lot and talked about baptism for Hope! I am super excited! We then took Sister Zimmerman to the office. Next, we went to the Church for Bishop's meeting. We asked the Elders for a blessing because we have both been really stressed and overwhelmed. Elder Fuller gave me a great blessing. Brother Shaffer took us to Pepitos for lunch. It was delish, especially the Nachos Lupitas!!!! Later we went to McDonalds to get some ice cream and talked to a really cool lady! Hopefully we will see her again! We picked Sister Zimmerman up from the office. I feel like a chauffeur with how much driving there is now going to Bloomington twice a day. But it is fun because it's a little road trip. Like a really little road trip! We then stopped by and met with a “media referral” we received. Her name was Rachelle. Her dog was huge and was trying to jump over the front yard fence.  We were like; “Oh no!, How are we going to get in there?”
"The Garden - Service Project!"
Luckily, she came out and told the dog to be quiet. It actually was a cute dog. She runs a women’s group that learns about religion. She loves our Family History website. She is a huge family history buff! She wants us to come to her group to teach them about our church.  She wants the information to be from the correct source. We are so stoked!!!!! We went to Mom's and had dinner with Debbie and Luis. There was a huge siren that went off outside and we were like what the heck is that? IT WAS A TORNADO WARNING!!!!!!!! AHHH, WE WERE ALL FREAKING OUT!!! (We being my Comps and I) It was the loudest siren. Apparently, a guy on the 11th floor of their building died when he heard the siren. He had a heart attack. Kind of sad and weird. But we talked about the Word of Wisdom and we did exercises together.  It was fun! Man, it is hard to go to sleep with all these Sisters! We just want to talk!

"Silly Faces!"
Friday April 17: We did a service project for Minneapolis and cleaned out the gardens by Lake Harriet.  They are so pretty. I dared Sister Fastidio to eat a worm, also Elder Tillotson. They both ate it…….. hahahhahaha gross!!!!  The garden reminded me of LaCaille, but not really. We got ice cream at DQ after; it felt so nice outside!!!!

"The Power of 3, Sisters Hunt, Zimmerman & Young!"
Saturday April 18: We went to Snuffy's for lunch which was really fun. We also helped Sister Edgington clean her garage. We then went to an appointment with Elder Ford and Fuller to a girl named Christina who they met at the drive thru at Mickey D's.  She is 18 and wants to take the lessons. The spirit was so strong when we were teaching her! She is amazing!!!! We went to McDonalds to try to have a cool experience like the Elders.... didn't happen. Instead we got Sister Hunt her first McChicken ever.  It was really fun!  We are silly together!!!

Sunday April 19: We went to church and after Sarah made dinner for us. Then we went to President's fireside. 

Love ya to the Moonisota and Back!!!

Sister Ashlee Young

"Exotic Fruit!"

"Me & Sister Hunt"

"Tender mercy, watched part of Edina's boys LAX practice!"

"I miss my stick and team!!!" Edina's boys LAX.

"Sisters with Annika"


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