Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13,2015 "It feels like the Savior is hugging me!"

"Walking around Lake Harriett with Sister Stacey this morning!!!!!
 Her Husband President Rulon Stacey is in our mission
presidency and was just made an area 70!!!! so now Elder Stacey!
My fave peeps here!"

Companion: Sister Hunt
Hometown: Mesa, Arizona

Snail Mail:                                     
Minnesota Minneapolis Mission  
5931 West 96th Street
Bloomington, MN  55438-1715

“It feels like the Savior is hugging me!”
      Can I just say how grateful I am to be serving here in the most beautiful mission, in the most beautiful area, with the most beautiful people, the most beautiful mission President and Wife, and with the best companion ever! I am so humbled as I look around at Heavenly Father's beautiful creations! I love the springtime with the renewal of all the plants, and the sunshine! Oh, the beautiful sunshine that we have seen the past week reminds me of my Savior and Redeemer. The light and the warmth that the sun gives us aren’t even comparable to the light and the warmth that “The Son” gives to us. I have been able to see the miraculous change in not only myself, but in my investigators, recent converts, and members as we have all been coming closer to The Son this past week. I feel as though everyone has been spiritually nourished this past week.  Hearing from our beloved prophet and his apostles, there is a literal glow that you can see and feel when someone has been inspired and uplifted. This week there have been many tender mercies to me, the number one tender mercy being the spring sun. As I mentioned, the sun reminds me of “The Son.” When I feel discouraged and I am doubting my ability to fulfill this calling, I notice the warm sunshine and it feels like the Savior is hugging me and saying it's okay, and that I can do it. I know that I am called here to do the Savior's work.  As I strive to humble myself I know that I can help Him with the sacred work here in MMM.

"Blowing a kiss your way!"
 Wow, Madies letter was cool! It takes me back to the “good ole days” in the MTC, haha!!!!
I love you all sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you to the Moonisota and back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxox@@@
Sister Young

Here is this week’s run down:
"Funny Faces"
Monday: We saw Desirae and her crew. They are doing really good. I have seen a change in them since I first got here. Desirae said she wants to work towards the temple, so we are going to help her prepare to go. We sang some fun songs with the kids and then played games with them.
"With Desirae's kiddos"
 Tuesday: We had an early appointment at 7:30 am with Hope. Her other sisters leave for school around this time so they aren't there to bug her. It is super early for a lesson but it seems to work out well for Hope. We taught her about the Word of Wisdom. Our District Leader wants to come to one of our lessons with her, so we actually set up another one for that day. So, Hope got two in one day! We also taught Shania and Faith. Faith actually listened during this lesson because we tried to make it more fun for her. We all drew the first vision and then had her explain what happened. It was fun to see all the pictures at the end.

"Service Project organizing the
 American Girl house dolls, & clothes  so fun!!!!
 Wednesday: We helped Sister Edgington with some service. We helped her organize her daughters' dollhouse. We organized all the “American Girl” doll clothes and accessories. We had a fun time in the little doll house. It is in the space under the stairs so it is a perfect little dollhouse. They had it set up really cute in there. They had miniature furniture and mini pictures on the wall. It brought us back to our childhood days, so we enjoyed ourselves. 
"American Girl Dolls!"
 Thursday: We had our first district meeting since the transfer. It was a good training that we received. We talked about our potential, our calling as a missionary and how we can use that to find people. We are representatives of Jesus Christ so we shouldn't be afraid to talk to people and to be bold with them; especially in finding.
We had a meeting with the bishop after our district meeting like we always do. That night we had a lesson with Annika. Summer and the Bloomington Elders (our district leader) came with us to this lesson. We usually sit on Annika's bed for the lessons because there isn't anywhere else to sit. The Elders didn't want to sit on her bed but we told them just to sit on it. They were acting a little awkward. Haha! Oh, and to make it even more awkward, we taught the law of chastity. The lesson went well. Annika was a little weirded out, but other than that it was good.
"Sister Hunt in Doll house!"
 That night we also saw a less-active couple, the Walkers. They are a cute old black couple. Summer also went with us to see them. Ed was having a hard time with his TV and thought it was broken. We tried to tell him he needed new batteries in his remote but he said he just put them in there. It was pretty funny to see my companion and him go back and forth about the remote. It was the remote that was the problem so we got it fixed.
 Friday: We had a pass off lesson with a lady named Maria with the Elders. She has been one of their investigators. This lesson was just to transition from them teaching her to us teaching her. The lesson went well. We talked about general conference and showed her the new Easter video. The Elders then came with us to Desirae's house to bless her home. They say they see evil spirits so the Elders helped with that. I guess they had their home blessed before and the kids were really crazy. They were much better this time and were quiet the whole time during the prayer. They really are improving in their behavior.
 Saturday: We stopped by a referral we received and set up a return appointment with him. His name is Win Udomlarp.  He is about 16 years old. We also helped Sister Edgington again with some cleaning in her house. That night we saw Summer and had a lesson with her.
We really have been crazy busy!!!!

"Sister Hunt is being weird!"
"writing Bryan a birthday card!!!!"
Saturday it was snowing, melted by the afternoon>
Sister Hunt, 9 months out!

"huge snowflakes, size of cotton balls!"
"Beautiful Lake Harriett"

"More snow!"

Saturday snow, melted fast!

 "dancing around the park with the girls"

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