Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16, 2015 "Ana & Elsa, or Should I Say…… Hulet & Young?"‏

"Sister Hulet, Best Sister Companion Ever!"
Companion: Sister Randi Hulet; St. George, Utah “Going!”
Sister Hunt “Coming!”
Area: Edina  

Snail Mail:
Minnesota Minneapolis Mission
5931 West 96th Street
Bloomington, MN  55438-1715

Dear Family & Friends,
  Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!  Hope ya'll had a good time together. This week has been so great! We had interviews and a “President’s” fireside!! This was definitely a week of meetings, but when we did get to proselyte; it was prime!
     Bishops meeting was hilarious!  I almost died hearing a story he told about a crazy cat lady bringing her cats to church! She was on the news for having 48 cats in a one bed room apartment and she had 8 dead cats in the freezer!!!! Ewwwwwww! Weird stuff!!
     The girls got both of us flowers for Valentine’s Day! It was so sweet, but guess what? The flowers froze when we walked from the house to the car!!!! Whoops!! We also enjoyed our Book of Mormon celebration party with the girls and Brother S! We loved watching Frozen!!! It was fun seeing Sister Hulet see it for the first time!!!! I absolutely love that movie; it reminds me of companion unity. Sister Hulet and I have great comp unity like Ana and Elsa at the end :). “S”, one of the girls set a baptismal date!!! She is getting baptized on March 20th which is her 22nd birthday!!! She is so excited to make this step to come closer to our Father in Heaven!!! It has been so amazing to watch her testimony grow and flourish. They are the sweetest! I am so blessed to be here in Edina #theLakeNokomisWard. It may be crazy, but it is so much fun!!!
     Sister Hulet goes home on Wednesday.  Sister Hulet was the best companion a Sister could ever ask for. Sister Hunt will be my new companion on Wednesday. Sister Hulet will be missed, she totally is irreplaceable.

"Last dinner with Brittany & Tim"
You asked if we were teaching his parents. They are good people, but no.  We wish we could teach them all, but I guess they will be saved for Riley to help out.... Dad, you asked me if I have been able to drive yet. The answer is yes.  I drive our gold Toyota Camry. Its name is “Bort” aka Big Old Rollin’ Tank.  The name is from” RV” the movie.  
     I hope ya'll have a safe and happy week! It is so sad to hear the news from the LCW! I promise, I will keep praying for everyone.

Love you!
Sister Ashlee Young
"Sister Hulet GOING.... :(   "

"Hulet & Young!!"
"Brittany escorting to drop off Sister Hulet"
"Hulet & Young???"
"Mission home, departing, Peace!"
"parting... going to miss her!"

"Tough Day!"
"Sister Hunt Coming...Brittany escorting back!"

"Sister Hulet....Happy Reunion with her Dad!"

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