Monday, January 18, 2016

January 18, 2016 “One of my best mission days ……at the St. Paul Temple!!”

Area: Anoka Minnesota
Companion: Sister Kaitlyn Richardson 
Hometown: Sammamish, Washington
Snail Mail:                                         
Minnesota Minneapolis Mission
5931 West 96th Street
Bloomington, MN  55438-1715


Hi all,

      Well, I talked about the first part of today in last week’s email! I want to tell you what happened at dinner. The Kastel’s signed up to feed us. Elder Fabrizio and Elder Johnston were invited to come too. It was super fun. The Kastel’s are such a great family! After dinner, we shared a message.
After we were finished with our message, Brother Kastel told us the "Tairy Fales" of "The Pree Little Tigs" and "RinderCella." He just spouted them off so easily. It was so funny! It was also hilarious because Elder Johnston was so confused and didn't catch on till half way through RinderCella.  We all had a good laugh about that one! When we were done, we stopped at Mickey D's for a drink and bathroom break. At McD's all of a sudden someone came up behind me and scared me! It was Bishop Petersen!!! It was super funny! He caught us drinking Diet Coke, sitting by the flat screen syncing our iPads…. Ha-ha. He was teasing us saying; “Ohhhh, is that why you come here? He was just giving us a hard time since we sat near a tv that we were just fine ignoring, even if I do say so myself. It was so fun to chat with him there. Then, we finished up by stopping at our peeps in Ramsey with no luck. While doing this we drove on a road that went on an overpass that was so high up in the air! I got super excited because I haven't been up that high in 15 months!  I felt like I was on a mountain lol! We went home and we went through some clothes that I can give to Sister Richardson that she will use more than me. Besides, they look really cute on her. Gotta’ love those hand me downs on a mish! Seriously, a lot of clothes never leave the mission.  We all do our part to keep the tradition going! Oh and I got some mail today! Which isn't too rare, but hey it's still fun to get! :)
The Elders had dinner at the Warren’s house last night (the people with the triplets and the newborn baby that live on a farm. That’s where I touched their electric fence and stinging nettle....) Sister Warren told them that I was her favorite sister missionary ever! That made me feel super good inside because I really love the Warren family! That was such a great end to the day! 
Tuesday: January 12, 2016
       This morning we had District meeting. It wasn't the same without Elder Oldroyd :(kinda missed that kid!) Elder King from my MTC group is now comps with Elder Dygert. It was good to catch up and hear how his mission is going! Elder Dygert gave a great training on missionary culture in Minnesota. It was really inspiring. Afterwards we had lunch as a District at the church. Then we spent some time on at the library. We may or may not have raced there....let’s just say Sista Young has still got it ;) ooh and I only set the ti-wi off twice #score….. At the library I got on Family Search because Sister Richardson has been doing a lot of that lately. I took a gander and guess what!?! I found 3 people who need Temple work done!!!! (Mom, you'll need to log in using my account and check it out and make sure I don't duplicate anything before we do their work!) It was really cool!  It reminded me of a song we liked in Rochester called “Find our Cousins!” Let's just say I was skipping around all day because of it!
After that, we met some cool people by stopping by potential investigators. First, we stopped by an investigator we had not visited in a while. She is an older woman named Vicki. She was at home at let us in. She made us pancakes and even gave us some to take for later! We felt inspired to share the video “A Savior is Born.” She absolutely loved all the little kids in it! She always calls us her little girls. Her voice is like super high and scratchy so it sounds cute! She loves missionaries and told us to call her Nana Vicki! After that we had dinner with Sister James and Esperanza, who has special needs. She is just a sweetheart. So is her helper Miss Carolyn. It was really great to be able to share the gospel with her helper Carolyn again. I can tell she feels the Spirit when she is working. She will “tots” get baptized one day:) After supper we had a lesson with Olivia! We taught her “The Plan of Salvation.” Let me tell you, she is such a sharp kid! She tells us when she has a question and she really pays attention in primary! She is so great! After Olivia's cold, kick butt lesson we had to run to the dollar store. We talked to 2 ladies that were super nice. We definitely were "seed planters" today! We met and did our planning when we got home. Then we cleaned up our place a little bit. We knew we had to start preparing for transfers ahead of time!
Wednesday: January 13, 2016
Oh my heck! Today was super crazy! So, to start off, neither Sister Richardson nor I could find
anything to wear! Seriously, we both tried on about 6 outfits without a winner! We then decided we were going to go out in our pajamas and call it good. That plan didn't go over well with Heavenly Father....  Therefore we ransacked each other’s closets and that was a little more successful. Sister Richardson wore my shirt and belt and I wore her skirt, vest, and necklace. So since we had wardrobe malfunctions we were late to ACBC and got the front desk. It was interesting up there because 2 drunk guys came in cussing up a storm and being gross. One even cussed me out! He is lucky I am a Sister missionary otherwise I would've let him have it! Sherry, our awesome "boss" came and kicked them out then called the cops! It was so crazy! She got them banned with a court order! She “got 'er did”! It was a super slow day after that minus the dummy that told all of us what happens in the Star Wars movie! We were all super ticked about that! Things went better after I found nail polish in my purse. Elder Johnston was like, “can I paint your nails?”  He actually did a really good job! His mom taught him well! We then had a rubber band war where I got my eye shot out! After we were done at the pantry, we went to Bishops for our meeting. It was really great because for the spiritual thought he asked us each to share one thing we have learned from Anoka. May I just say there were a few tears shed. I really love it here. I really love the people here. I love those who I serve with. They will all have a spot in my heart forever…<3.  Then we had dinner which was delicious! It was funny….. Elder Johnston and I said the exact same thing at the same time. It was super funny! #compunity lol! I love that kid! Afterwards, we stopped by some potentials with no luck. We headed to the PMG class and it went really well. We all took the Christ like attribute test in chapter 6. It was good to talk about them!
After that, we talked to some peeps in the ward. Then we started to head home, but, I had a strong impression to go and sync our iPads at good ol' McD's! It was definitely inspired. We left with the next 4 days completely booked. Sure, we had to fix some little issues, but to make the point of how well it went there was a family with 6 kids that walked in and then they came and sat in the same section as us. We had some really great small talk with them. They will be an awesome LDS family one day:) We then went home and Sister Richardson straightened my hair for the temple 
tomorrow! We are so excited! Oh, the Anoka Elders texted us a funny scripture, Proverbs 21:19 we told them they better get used to camping, ha-ha! We got a good giggle out of that convo! Ooh, I almost forgot! I also checked my email and there was a video with baby JQ in the video yelling for her skinny daddy. That was an awesome end to my night:)
Thursday: January 14, 2016
Today was probably one of the greatest days on my mission! Okay that's a little much but you get the idea! It was a fab-dang-taculous day! It started off by waking up and touching up those curls that thought they could hide from the straightener…. but I won, so it was straight! Then Sister Fosvick (the daughter in law not the one we live with) came to our house and picked us and the Elders up! We headed to the St. Paul temple! I don't know if I have told you how small it is, but it is small. The church building is bigger than it. Lol!  I am super grateful for the temple and the blessings it brings! In the car Elder Johnston made us pull out our temple recommends to prove that we didn't forget them.  Luckily we all had them. Funny enough, when we got out of the car and started checking in Elder Johnston realized he left his in the car. We all gave him crap for that one! In the clothing room we were checking out our dresses when I saw cute little Grandma Mickey Severin from Stillwater walk in! I grabbed her and hugged her so tight! It was so good to see her.  She started tearing up telling me how much she missed having sisters and having me! It was truly a tender mercy that Elder Johnston had to go back out; otherwise I wouldn't have seen her! God is so good with his timing! After our tender reunion in the dressing room I saw Sister Osborne from Stillwater! It was super fun to see her and get an update on my peeps! Our session was super packed but it went really well. It was fun. There was an old man who was going through to receive his own endowment for the first time. It was really neat to witness that! In the Celestial room we sat in there and were able to ponder, pray, read, and feel the Spirit. I really needed that extra boost of the Spirit. Sister Richardson and I had a sweet moment as we hugged there. The Elders copied us and hugged each other. Then Elder Johnston aka my little bro and I almost did but we did a solid fist bump! After all that, we filed out and waited for our ride. While we were waiting, we saw Brother Osborne! It's so weird to see people from other areas.  Ooh and Sister and Elder Hanberg were there at the temple.  They used to work in the office! Any who everyone thought I was an RM but I told them no way! I am still a set apart representative of the Lord Jesus Christ, and I am proud of it!  Sister Fosvick took us the long way home through St. Paul. We drove past the State Capitol which looked super good. Thanks! Dave H:)   Then she drove us through Minneapolis where we drove past the Basilica. Naturally, we had to stop
at the “cherry spoon” and grab pics. She then drove us past the future Vikings US Bank stadium with our 2 football boys! By then, we decided our stomachs needed food stat! So home we went! After being dropped off Sister R. and I went to good old Wendy's where we saw dumb high school boys paying with all coins.... Yeah, that was interesting. We decided to go shop downtown Anoka... We didn't buy anything because everything is way overpriced. It was still so fun to look at! We actually got a call from the Elders because they saw our car and called us at the perfect moment because they said, “Sister’s! You don't need it! Don't buy it!”  Ha-ha it was pretty funny! Wow, we were confused!
Love you all to the moonisota and back!
Sister Ashlee Young


(From here down, Short hand!)
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Friday January 15
Fabrizio pack warm bed Johnston mom hay stuff  no service drama fuel Dailey prayer Delong plan of salvation referral McD's clean, super trashed bed slurp game card game 
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Sunday: freeeeeeeeezing, pat at church warrens pie, Richardson sick elders Woodward Johnston blessing Fosvick Johnston and young siblings sait for call 

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