Monday, January 11, 2016

January 11, 2016 "When the Air Slaps ya in the Face...Yup that's Minnesota!!"

"Me, Katie Burton & Sister Richardson"
Area: Anoka Minnesota
Companion: Sister Kaitlyn Richardson 
Hometown: Sammamish, Washington
Snail Mail:                                         
Minnesota Minneapolis Mission
5931 West 96th Street
Bloomington, MN  55438-1715



Monday: January 4, 2016
     So, after we did our laundry and shopped we met up with the Anoka Elders Johnston  and Fabrizio at Chick-Fil-A.  We were able to say hello to Mazie Anderson while she was working! It was so fun. This cute old man was taking our orders and he was so sweet! Then we went and met up with Elders Dygert and Oldroyd at our favorite district hangout "Andover Lanes."  It's funny the more we play, the grumpier we all get with our scores! We might have to make everyone use bumpers so we don't get “gutter ball attitudes" lol!
     We then went and saw Pat and Sister B. To our disappointment Pat had started smoking while Sister B. was at work. We were all pretty sad because she didn't put her “patch” on when she woke up. She didn't call us either when she was really craving a cigarette. I feel a huge responsibility for this wonderful woman. I really love Pat and I want the best for her. I know part of the reason I am in Anoka is to help her. It is so cool to be a missionary because God lets you feel a little bit of His love for His children.  I love feeling that love for so many people, but especially for Pat. It really breaks my heart to see her struggle so much. Since, she didn't quit, she decided she is going to cut back, which is progress! She was smoking 2+ packs a day.  I am pretty sure just out of boredom.  We asked Pat if we could keep her stash across the hall in Sister Bistodeau's apartment and she would give her a new pack every morning so she doesn't have a whole carton at her hands! I think it will help,  but who knows! If she doesn't quit before, she will be getting a visit from "Ashlee" in a few months for a week!  I will stay right with her and keep her so busy she won't be able to think about smoking! I hope she quits before though, because I honestly don't know if I can help with at home rehab!
     That night we had dinner at the Barons. Sister Baron and Tiki their nine year old daughter were there. Tiki brought the puppies up for us to play with! They are so cute! They will be leaving in a few weeks to go to their new families though so that is kind of sad. Until then they are so fun to hold! After dinner Tiki and I got on the subject of lotions and perfumes. For those of you who don't know, I love yummy smelling stuff.  I have a ton of it! Tiki loves it too! It was so cute as she ran to her room and brought out all of her lotions and potions for me to look at and smell! For a 9 year old she has a dang good collection! Then she showed us her makeup and Barbies. She really wants us to come over and do a spa party! I think that would be super fun. We just have to tie a gospel Principle into it haha!
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 2016
     So HUGE MIRACLES happened! This week we were able to stop by a less active lady who is so kind named Stacey! Sister Lambert was able to come with us, the spirit was so strong as we shared a message about the Savior. I am so grateful for the gift of the spirit that God gives to us as missionaries, He lets us know what His children need to hear and when we listen to the spirit we are able to help Him perform miracles. So later on we were driving and I had a strong impression to go stop by Gladys and her girls. As we pulled up we buzzed their apartment and they ANSWERED!!!! Guys they answered!!!! We said "It's the Sisters" they buzzed us in! I was so stinkin’ excited! So we went up and talked to them and they miss us! Gladys's work schedule has been so crazy and so that is why they weren't able to meet with us. The good news is that they went to church last week with their friend in the Medicine Lake ward!  Gladys is taking work off next week for church! I really hope that she is able to actually make it. The Spirit was super strong. I am so grateful I was able to listen to the Spirit and go see them.

Saturday and Sunday
Oh my gosh! Today we had permission to watch a movie called "The War Room" with Sister B. and Pat!!!!! You have got to see it! It is so good! When I grow up and have my own house I am building myself a war room! Seriously it was so inspiring! I don't want to spoil it for anyone but it is about prayer and how your relationship with God can truly change your life! I promised after the movie to change my prayers to be even more sincere. (Moroni 10:4) I will go forward with more hope and faith that God really can do all things.  I know he can.  I wanted to climb on the roof in the -18 degree weather and shout it to everyone!   Heavenly Father loves them and wants to hear their prayers.  If we truly have faith in Him they will be answered! Basically, God is good all the time; and all the time God is Good! Okay I will step off my soap-box now;)
     We had dinner at the Baron’s home again tonight.  She was nice enough to fill in our empty days:) It was super yummy because it was freezing cold outside. She made us homemade lasagna with other stuff that was so yummy.  I forgot all of the treats, but it was good. We shared a message with them after dinner then played with some puppies, because they are too cute to resist. Tiki showed us her nail polish collection and was so excited when I gave her some perfume and lotion that I didn't use anymore! She then showed us her dolls and her Barbie’s and invited us to her hockey game. Then she showed us her curling iron! I was getting a crack out of how cute it was that she wanted to show us everything she owned! Sunday morning we came to church and let me tell ya it was the kind of cold that smacks ya right in the face then goes through your entire body and boy does it hurt. Tiki greeted us at church. She taught us how to braid our scarves. She was so excited about that and what our favorite color was that day :) We then waited for Sister B. to come. When she did we all went in and sat wayyyy too close to the front for my liking. #backrowjoe #mom&marilyn ;) I opened up my water and didn't realize it was frozen... it sprayed all over! 1 point water bottle,  0 for Sister Young.  It was a super good day at church though because Sister B. stayed all 3 hours and Sunday school was about prayer! It was so cool to see her eyes light up having just watched the “War Room” which gave her another insight on prayer. We then had a Relief Society lesson on Howard W. Hunter.  He seems like he was a great man. I am going to be honest with ya and tell you I don't remember what happened in R.S. because there were 2 newborn babies that were sitting by me that were super cute.
     Sister B. and Pat invited us over after church for dinner. We made homemade burgers and some kind of potato thing that was really good! So as you may remember the four of us have nick names for one another from the Golden Girls (my fave show ever!) I am Sophia, Sister B. is Blanche, Pat is Rose, and Sister Richardson is Dorothy! We all fit our characters pretty well especially Pat/Rose. Honestly, it is scary how similar they are haha! But, we made another alter ego comparison for us from the Wizard of Oz (my favorite movie from when I was a kid) Sister B and Ivy her dog are Dorothy and Toto, Pat is the Scarecrow because she is missing a little bit upstairs, she wears a lot of plaid, she is Dorothy's best friend and ironically she smokes which makes the whole fire thing comical.  I am the Cowardly Lion, because my own shadow can scare me. Sister Richardson is the Tin man because she is tall, wears a lot of grey and her joints crack! We were all dying laughing when we discovered our alter egos haha!
      Oh and I heard that the big game stunk because someone couldn't kick a 27 yard field goal! Let me tell ya there are some frozen angry Minnesotans because of that game. Oh, did I mention that it has finally gotten cold... yeah -30 degrees sounds good to me! Bring it on MN!!!!

Today, January 11, 2015
        So this morning we got a call from the Andover Elders (Oldroyd and Dygert) They told us that Elder Oldroyd would be ET'd today at Presidents interviews... I wish that it could wait a week. He will be great in his new area though. We then had Presidents interviews.  I was the first one. We had a good chat. The information I will share with you from that is that there is a possibility of someone in our companionship being transferred and a possibility of Sister Richardson training a new missionary. I really don't want to leave Anoka.  I know though that the Lord knows what He is doing. So, the thought of leaving was kind of a damper on my morning. We went to Chic-Fil-A for lunch because it makes everyone feel better haha.  There is this cute old old guy named Gary that works there. He is so nice to everyone.  He wears a bow tie and is just adorable! I probably have mentioned him before but, if he doesn't get baptized in this life he will in the next! We have dinner with the Kastel family tonight, so that should be good. I will let yall know next week about transfers! Remember to play hard and PRAY harder!
Love you to the FROZEN Moonisota and Back!

Sister Young
"Me, Katie Burton & Sister Richardson"
"If life gets too hard to stand...KNEEL" -President Gordon B. Hinckley
"Weekly Planning..."

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