Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24, 2015 " Lovin' Every Minute!"

"Hives Gone!!!"
Area: Anoka Minnesota
Companion: Sister Macey Jolley
Hometown: Alpine, Utah
Snail Mail:                                         
Minnesota Minneapolis Mission
5931 West 96th Street
Bloomington, MN  55438-1715


Hey Everyone! 
 This week has been really good! I love it here in Anoka!!!  I wish you could all be here with me enjoying the beauty of Minnesota!

Monday, August `17, 2015:  To start out P-day, we met the Elders at the church at 6 am to do advanced yoga as a district! Advanced... yeah we are only beginners... I think I died a little, let's just say I am already hurting! We went to breakfast at McDonald's afterwards, which was counter-productive in my personable opinion haha….. oh well it was good! We spent the rest of our P-day running errands because we were pretty much out of food, so we had to re-stock our kitchen! We then had dinner with the Anderson family! They are so awesome. Their daughter Nina goes “joint” teaching with us.  She is leaving for BYU on Wednesday. We are so sad! She is awesome! Sister Anderson made a really good salad and we had this yummy yogurt called "noosa" for dessert. You have got to buy some to try! The Anderson's are so great, their daughter Hannah is on a mission in Utah! They are so
"Me with Nina Anderson & Sister Jolley"
wonderful to us. They get that being a missionary isn't always peachy, so it's nice to have someone be real with us! We then went over to Peggy's house for a goodbye party. She is going to Finland tomorrow to be with her son for 11 days! Man, she bought a bunch of food for the 3 of us, and she had us take all of it home since she was leaving in the morning. She was pretty nervous to go because she doesn't like flying. Not only that, it was her first time traveling alone. We assured her Heavenly Father would protect and comfort her!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015:  Today was kinda crazy.  During lunch we cleaned our basement because, we didn't have time yesterday.  We couldn't feel the Spirit with it being dirty. Cleanliness is next to Godliness, so we felt that it was important to get our place spic and span! We had dinner with Brother Petersen at Perkins, he is in his 80's or 90's but he is so adorable! It was really fun to sit down and chat with him! It was pretty cold and rainy today so that wasn't the greatest. We went finding but didn't have much success. At least we showed Heavenly Father that we had faith so that was good. I am so grateful for the priesthood! Oh, and a huge shout out to GRACE on her 16th BiRtHdAy!!!! Love you!!!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015: Today we had ACBC which stands for Anoka County Brotherhood
Council.  We volunteer every Wednesday there.  It is a food shelf and clothing place. It is really fun! We get to help out a lot and meet lots of interesting people! This week we had the meat counter so that was new! At least we didn't have to do eggs again...that was nasty! We then went and saw Sister Roades who is less active. We shared the October 2014 “Jadeite Cabbage” story with her from the Ensign.  She loves the Ensign and reads it often! After that, we went tracting for an hour, and then met Sister Petersen at Famous Dave's for dinner! Bishop was out of town but she decided she would still feed the four of us! It was so yummy! After that we went to our appointment with the Ongoros, I hadn't met them yet. We went and they bailed on our appointment! Ugh! I really don't like it when people do that. Honestly, it has been happening a lot this week. I wish people weren't so flakey! I mean c'mon we have something to share that will change their lives for the better!! So, we had to take a survey on our iPads. We went to the church and we walk in the doors, and all of the sudden Elder Johnston pops out and startles us! We freaked out so bad! Get this, he got it on VIDEO!!! We were so ticked! He and Elder Anderton have been showing everyone! I will admit it is pretty funny though! I will have to send it so that you can see it! It is kind of pathetic how jumpy Sister Jolley and I are ha-ha!!!!! All in all it was a good day though :)

"Yammah and her family at church!"
Thursday, August 20, 2015: This morning we had to head up to North Branch for Zone Conference which is an hour up north. We were combined with the Duluth Zone.  Man it is crazy how beautiful it was up there! Cold already though, ha-ha! So we had some great training on “finding”. Then we talked about health and obedience. We also got trained on little black boxes that they were installing in our cars called “ti-wi”....It tracks who is driving, where you are, what time it is, seat belts, how fast you are going, how fast you accelerate or stop, how hard you turn and go over bumps, and sends in a driving record to Salt Lake then to President Forbes! Can I just say that I am not excited for this thing! It yells at you and is really intimidating. I know that it will help keep all the missionaries safe. It will improve our driving skills and safety. On the way home I was driving and it yelled "check your speed"! It freaked me out so bad! Hopefully that won't happen again ha-ha! After the conference we went to Sister Sophie's for dinner and we had zucchini pancakes with applesauce on top, it was so yummy! Then we went to the relief society activity at the Lamberts house and had "Salads and S’mores" it was really fun! We had to leave early to go teach Yammah our cute investigator who is 8 going on 25! She is so great! We had an awesome lesson with her and her family about scripture study and the importance of obedience! The Spirit was so strong, I love when we get to go and see people light up when we talk about the gospel! 

Friday, August 21, 2015: Today we “weekly planned” which is always an interesting time. We took a few breaks and went in the gym to play a little basketball. Then we drew all over the chalk board. I would say we got just a little distracted ha-ha, oh well! Soo, we stopped by some potentials with little luck. Then we made some calls to set up some appointments. We went to one of our investigators houses for dinner named Holly. She has a 1 year old named Madelyn. She made us dinner and then we had a little lesson. We then went over to Sister B's and read out of the Book of Mormon. I love
"Holding a cute little froggy we found!"
when we get to read with recent converts! The Spirit is so strong. We also got to play with her puppy Ivy. She is so cute! We then went over to Pat's to invite her to the Elders baptism next Saturday! She said she would love to come! Awesome day!

Saturday, August 22, 2015: Today we had studies and our normal workout routine. I think today is the first day that I wasn't sore from doing yoga! Woohoo! Anyways, we went to the library and did our time and I watched this really good video called "Strive". You should check it out.  I loved the message it gave! Then we went and saw Bette Rinke! I just love her! She is 92 years old. She has dementia but she remembers us and that we come on every Saturday to read with her! She loves the Book of Mormon especially Nephi! We read 1st Nephi 16 with her and had a great discussion afterwards! We then met up with Becca Burton to go teach Mckenzie. The three of us walked up to the door and she wasn't home. L This is the 3rd time she has bailed on us. I think it is time we give her a little rest. We then tried a bunch of other people and no one seemed to be home. So, we thanked Becca and took her home. We then went out to Elvie's house who is a part-member family and her husband doesn't like us at all but he let us in.  We couldn't find her so we
"Sister Jolley & Sister Young at dinner with Christy!"
went downstairs and she was talking to her friend on the phone and she stood up and turned around and SCREAMED at the top of her lungs hahaha! We scared her so bad; on accident of course but it was so funny! After we calmed down we read Joshua 1:9 and had a great discussion about it. Then we went to dinner with Christy! I love her so much! We went to Famous Dave's and had a great time! Meanwhile there was a tornado alert, but we didn't really care ha-ha! Afterwards we went to Tina's house. We talked for a while and then we watched the Mormon Message "The Lost Purse." It is a really cool video; check it out! We then went home and called it a night.

Sunday, August 23, 2015: This morning after we got all ready for church we went to stop by
"Dinner @ Famous Daves, thank you Christy!"
Yammah and her family to see if they needed help getting ready. To our pleasant surprise Gladys (the mom) opened the door and she was all dressed up and ready to go! We were so happy! She said she would meet us at the church! Hallelujah!!!! They were a little late but that's okay at least they came! They looked so cute! And they all were singing “Families can be together Forever!” The Spirit was so strong! The Kastel’s gave their homecoming address. They just got back from the Independence, Missouri Mission.  They are now ward missionaries and they love Sisters! We are thrilled to have them back! Sis Jolley and I taught the 16-17 year olds Sunday school about temples and eternal marriage. It was a really great lesson! After church we had a “linger longer” which was fun #freefood….. got to love it! We had dinner with the Dailey family and had a really good discussion about standing up for what you believe in. They are an awesome family! We tracted after dinner and did some stop luck. It was a rough night but I am grateful for prayer, and for my companion. She really cheered me up.  When we got home we did facials and that helped as usual! 

All in all it was a really good week! I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be a missionary here in Anoka. I am truly blessed to be a part of the greatest army in the world!

Thanks to everyone for all your support, prayers, emails, letters and packages, I am really behind on individual responses.  I promise, I haven't forgotten you guys, I am just really behind. Until I get to the top of my pile THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Love you all to the Moonisota and Back!
Sister Young

Sister Ashlee Young

(P.S. note from editor "HIVES FINALLY GONE!!!)

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