Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10, 2015 “Anoka!!!!…Halloween Capital???”

"My new companion, Sister Jolley in Anoka!!"
Area: Anoka Minnesota
Companion: Sister Macey Jolley
Hometown: Alpine, Utah
Snail Mail:                                         
Minnesota Minneapolis Mission
5931 West 96th Street
Bloomington, MN  55438-1715

Dear Family and friends,
     This week has been so crazy, I left my beloved area of 8 months Lake Nokomis to go to my new area Anoka with Sister Macey Jolley. Sister Jolley is from Alpine Utah. I can't believe how fast time has flown by on my mission! I don't ever want it to end! I had a hard time saying goodbye/ see you “laters” to my Lake Nokomis family.  It is so weird not being with any of my peeps anymore; I miss them already……. but the people I have met here in Anoka so far are just great! I am sure I will grow to love them just as much as I did everyone in LN!   I have
"See ya later, Sister Coleman"
experienced the Lord's hand blessing my life here. I am so grateful that I am here with Sister Jolley! She is so sweet! I am excited to get to know her better!
 I love what Pres. Forbes said at our transfer meeting. He taught us about the five things we can do to recognize blessings and the Lord’s hand in our lives. I would like to share the five things with you.
1. Keep a Gratitude Journal
Think of three to five blessings you have experienced throughout the day or the week and record them in a gratitude journal. Look for blessings from the mundane to the magnificent.
 2. Add More Thank-You’s to Your Vocabulary
Saying “thank you” to someone brightens your day by affirming your positive feelings. It also lifts the spirits of those who are deserving of your thankfulness.
 3. Take time to write thank-you notes and letters of appreciation to people who have blessed your life. Blessings can be easily overlooked unless we are consciously thinking about them each day. To that end, note writing helps us identify, remember, and express our blessings.

4. Live in the Present Moment and try to give thanks for small blessings encountered every day of your life
5. Thoughtful Prayer
"Heart-attacked Sister B's Door!"
Finally, prayer awakens our grateful heart. Forgetfulness is an obstacle to being grateful, while “awareness is a precondition” to having a grateful heart. Our personal prayers provide us with sacred time to ponder our blessings and express gratitude to Heavenly Father. As we thank Him daily, our gratitude should be centered on God’s greatest gift to us: the gift of His Beloved Son, who ransomed us through the shedding of His blood.
 I have made a goal to do that this week and will let you know how it goes. I am so excited to meet more people here in Anoka and dive into the work!
I love you all! Have a happy, healthy, and safe week!

Sister Ashlee Young
"Mall of America!!!"

"Mall of America!!"


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