Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015 “Peace out Roch, - Hello Edina!!!!!!!!” ‏

Area: Edina Minnesota
Sister Young with Sister Roberts last day in Rochester!
Companions: Sister Hulet

Snail Mail:
Minnesota Minneapolis Mission
5931 West 96th Street
Bloomington, MN  55438-1715


Transfers are today, I am being transferred to Edina.  Edina is in the Bloomington District which is in the Minneapolis Zone.  My new comp is Sister Hulet!!! I have loved Rochester and I have LOVED Sis. Roberts also Hermana Smith and Jones!!!!

We had way too much fun!!!!  Lol! There’s a song called “Find our Cousins” on, it is our favorite; we jam out to it all the time.   I am also going to miss my red car "Lightning Mcqueen",  GPS "Sally" and piece of junk phone "Mater".  Most of all, I am going to miss Danny and his family Anne, and their little baby Natalie Belle!!!! He is so prepared; please continue to pray for him to have strength and faith in Heavenly Father's plan for him.

Rochester Minnesota Christmas 2014
 I have now “graduated” and am no longer green; I am out of training! Woot-woot!!! If anyone wants to know what missions are like watch “The District” all the time; plan every day for every second, don't sleep and share the gospel with everyone.
Sister Rachel Frandsen, Sister Young, & Sister Roberts

Oh my heck, Sis. Roberts and I got lost walking in downtown Roch. We walked probably 6 miles in  -10 weather……..oooh it was an adventure!  So another thing gas was $1.96!!!!!!!!!!!! We filled up lightning McQueen!!!! So cheap!!!!

Ummmmm what did we do... zone p-day was super fun we played 3 step and “Schmendricks”…… it was hilarious!!!!!!!!   Sister Hudson came for exchanges so I missed Hermana Jones making tortillas aya yayayh but, Sis Hudson was "arranging her funeral"…… she "dies" on Wednesday! (That is MMM lingo that just means she is going home.)

Sister Rachel Frandsen, one of our great members came teaching with us and that was super fun. The Frandsen’s are the best family!!!!!  They took us to “Mickey D's” for dinner and we had salads; The table had motion-sensors with pretty lights!!!! It was so crazy!!!! Speaking of crazy…….so the other day we were at the store and I bought a Diet Coke.  My Diet Coke froze just walking to the car from the store. We even had the first spot; so it wasn’t that far!! Hahaha!! It is frigid here, but so great!!  I straightened my hair it is suuuperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lonnnnnnnnnnggggggg haha! Why didn't I get any pics of the kids this week?
Rochester! #share the gift!

Got to go, love you! See you in Edina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sister Young

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