Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014 “Remembering Christ, He is the Gift”

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December 8, 2014
Hello Everyone,

Ashlee with "Isabella"!
We have started our new focus on the “He is the Gift” initiative. We have seen many mighty miracles this week! As we have passed out cards we have shared our simple testimony of Christ and his humble birth. Our main focus this week has been to simply help others come unto Christ by remembering the true meaning of Christmas.

As we have served those in our area I have been reminded of our Savior and all that he has done for me and everyone else in the world.  I have had a better understanding and my testimony has grown of the Savior and of his perfect example. I have learned that as we turn our hearts towards our Father in Heaven and His son Jesus Christ, that we truly become more like Him.

This next Saturday our sweet investigator will be getting baptized!!! We are so thrilled! As we have been preparing her for this next step, the adversary has been trying their best to stop this beautiful girl from progressing, but her faith is so strong and she has been able to prevail. Her interview with the Zone leader did not come without help of angels. She was scheduled to have it Friday at 5:00 when we couldn't get a hold of her and no one had seen or heard from her, we panicked!!!! We prayed and asked Heavenly Father what we should do. He said to be patient and reschedule it for tomorrow. Saturday morning we still hadn't heard from her, so we prayed and asked if we should drive to her home and get her up!!! That is what we did. We found her next door babysitting. We then called a few members to see who could give her a ride. Finally we got a sister in our ward to come to the rescue!!! We were so relieved!!!

When we got to the church the Elders were ready for the interview!! We know the only way that our investigator was able to get there was through the assistance of the spirit!! It was amazing how hard the adversary tried to stop her from getting to her interview; but once again Christ's team won!!!! 

I am so grateful to be in this area. I truly love the people herein MN & WI. I love you all!!


Sister Young

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