Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7, 2015 "11 Months!! - Labor Day-Leapin Lizards!!!"

"11 Months!"
Area: Anoka Minnesota
Companion: Sister Macey Jolley
Hometown: Alpine, Utah
Snail Mail:                                         
Minnesota Minneapolis Mission
5931 West 96th Street
Bloomington, MN  55438-1715

Leapin' Lizards!!!! It's Labor Day!! Ha-ha well, I'm doing amazing; the work here in Anoka is really great! Sister Jolley and I are Bustin’ our Humps and earnin’ our keep! Sister Jolley and I get along great. We work so hard! In just the few weeks we have been together, Sister Jolley and I have found almost all of our investigators.  I am glad to hear that Matt taught the YM to stay away from the Vapor Cigarettes. I really don’t like vapors. Very Dumb!  Cigarettes are awful too.  We 
"At the Warrens, I'm a dork, I touched the electric fence!"
are trying to be healthy. We are walking and we workout.  Crazy that I am turning 20!  How did that happen? I want you both to know that I love you guys so much!
    We are having a really good day. The weather is great. It isn’t too humid, this week was like swimming! Today, we are emailing at church and eating noodles for lunch. Guess what? We are getting close to having 2 baptism dates set.  I am really happy in Anoka. I am healthy, and we are doing well. Next we are on our way to get our hair cut by Sister Fossum. Then we will go grocery shopping and then go to lunch. If we have a little time left later, we will finish P-day off with more emailing.
     I am trying to be the best missionary that I can be! I love Sister Jolley and I am trying to be the best companion I can be for her to help her have a great mission.
Please send me pictures of the house, and my room. I forgot what it all looks like! Can
"Feed my sheep!"
you believe it?
We have been doing yoga together in our district. This morning Sister Jolley did a new
"Sister Jolley @ Yoga this morning, ha ha ha ha!!"
positon although it looked to me like she was sleeping.
We went to the Warren’s for dinner. I’m such a dork. I touched the electric fence; WOW! Now that was a shocker! The Glismeyer’s were there to. They have baby lambs that are just so cute. I was so happy, then I found out I was standing in stinging nettle. Electric fence and stinging nettle…let’s just say I was really on a roll!
I will write a snail mail this week!
Love ya all!
Sister Ashlee Young
"Poor little Froggy!"

"Mississippi River"

"Bette Rinkie"
"Elder Anderton-District Leader"

"Mississippi River"


"Storm Rollin in"

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"Bridge in Anoka over the Miss"

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